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The move to normalise failing in recent times has been effective to a great extent.

Individually, I have always had a mindset that I am on my own racetrack figuring how to win even at each bends.

No envy, no pressure - jealously peaceful.

With the rise in depressive cases and such, there's and was the need to increase awareness and campaign towards the truth about failing and taking life a step at a time.

One should be grateful for having life to experience their own failures.

Every experience, failed or won are part of the memories to laugh and smile about.

It's either you fail or you win and it's either you fail or you fail again till you win.

The focus could be to fail till the chances of failing is exhausted.

Do you have the luxury of such time to fail? Yes! As long as you breath and there's the will to win.

You know what they say about * where's the will - the way*!

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