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Visionary Studios

Project Updates
November 29, 2022

Hungry Robot Chicken Club -

The mint for HRCC is still LIVE. We are embracing the slow mint, and slowly getting these robots into the hands of Sticky’s customers. New reward codes recently went live on the holder dashboard. The Degen Fat Cat Giveaway is still active with 3 ways to win. One winner from each category below will receive a Degen Fat Cat NFT at the conclusion of mint.


Girl in the Red Cape -

Girl in the Red Cape is just about finished with post production. We are sitting on an amazing world-building art experience created by Stuzor, accompanied by an epic storyline written by Zack Stentz and narrated by Lance Reddick. Due to current market conditions and events, we have decided to postpone the launch until overall sentiment recovers. Visionary Studios is incredibly proud of the team we brought together for this project, and we want to give it the best opportunity to capture attention in a thriving market. The launch is TBD, but we will be ramping up our GITRC marketing efforts as we move forward.


Good Vibrations -

The first Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) of the Good Vibrations product line are heading into production. To start, Good Vibrations will be releasing night-time gummies with CBD/CBN & Melatonin for sleep as well as bottled water. The Good Vibrations staking platform will soon go live, giving holders the ability to stake for GOOD token that can be used to purchase CPG products from the Good Marketplace in the future.


Collectorz Club -

Collectorz Club recently launched Slabz allows you to take your favorite digital collectible NFTs and turn them into physical collectibles with slabbed custom trading cards. Collectorz Club continues to thrive in the bear market thanks to Cardsaway Sports. NFT Breakz coming soon…


Tales of Soulofox -

The Soulofox GameFi ecosystem recently went through some UI updates to improve gameplay. The Soulofox team is actively looking for community members to become Soulofox Ambassadors that will essentially act as beta testers, giving direct feedback to the team. SouloPets are on the way, which will provide an interactive feeding and care experience. Here’s a recent dev update from SouloJay:

Game upgrades:

  • The in-game marketplace is currently under development. The completion of the in-game wallet will enable players to deposit on-chain items into the wallet, allowing for a more fluid user experience when receiving in-game rewards, engaging in in-game activities, and trading.
  • Wearables, crafting supplies, game consumables, pet consumables, and other items will be available in the in-game marketplace's initial iteration. The items will be listed by the official Soulofox Account, and following the initial release, we'll start working on the P2P marketplace.

Pet Game updates:

  • Conduct a tokenomics and pet game whitepaper review to secure Soulocoin's long-term ecosystem. We simulate our game play, pet levelling up, trade activities, Soulocoin source and sink, etc. utilizing to ensure a sustainable game mechanics and ecosystem. As we progress to the play-and-earn stage, it is critical to ensure proper game design and reward balancing of our game, which is both tricky and critical.
  • We're working on a platform for pet interaction where you can play and feed your pet. Raise them to a higher level and then send them on different world adventure quests!


Feelz by Kenzie:

The Feelz by Kenzie VIP Limited Edition Member Pass is live. The Digital Member Pass Gets You Special Access to Exclusive Content from Kenzie Taylor and The Feelz Squad, Limited Edition Merch Drops throughout the year, VIP Invitations to the 2023 Feelz Pop-Up Shop and a Kenzie Taylor Collectible Art Piece.


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