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NFT Games: Here are other titles to play and earn other than ‘Axie Infinity’

NFT games are becoming really popular, and one of the most recognized titles in this field is the “Axie Infinity.” This game recently reached a milestone of hitting $1 billion in sales in just a short time, with more than a million active players each day.

Apparently, the non-fungible (NFT) games are causing a ripple in the world of cryptocurrency, and “Axie Infinity” played a big role in its success. The main reason for the instant popularity of this crypto game is its play-to-earn feature since players can earn money by simply playing.

Then again, there are many other NFT games today that are worthy of playing. “Axie Infinity” is not just the only title around that allows gamers to earn, and some are even less complicated to play, so they must be checked. Below are other titles to try aside from “Axie Infinity,” and these can help you earn money as well.

My DeFi Pet

“My DeFi Pet” is one of the newest games in the NFT gaming scene. Players can enjoy this game while having the chance to earn valuable cryptocurrencies. This game involves monsters that must be fed, nurtured, and bred.

As mentioned in the EconoTimes, “My DeFi Pet” involves participating in various missions, events, and tasks that must be completed. In the play-to-earn mode, the completion of the activities will allow players to earn. To get into the game, gamers just need to register and have an account that is linked to Binance Chain wallet or BSC.

in “My Defi Pet,” in addition to events and tasks to be completed. Players compete with other players, especially in a play-to-earn mode. To start playing, one just needs to sign up and open an account that should be linked to their Binance Chain (BSC) wallet.


"Binamon" is also new in the NFT gaming scene, but even so, it was already predicted to be the next “Axie Infinity.” This game is also about digital monsters and it was described as gameplay that blended “Pokemon” and “Magic.”

Players must collect digital monsters that are later traded in exchange for large money. In fact, the most expensive "Binamon" is said to be valued at $7 million at Binance's marketplace.

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