My 2021 hive highlight

It is only an ignorant person that feels like he has seen the best in life because today made him happy, he is yet to see what tomorrow has to offer, year 2020 was a good year amidst the pandemic and terrible things happening all around the world but 2021 is far more better!..... I have my bad days when things did not go well and when the help i rendered put me in trouble but the happy days won't make me stop believing and spreading kindness to people around me....


Amidst all the blessings in life, there is nothing greater than being free, Freedom is something every one desire but few get and i am blessed hive set me towards the path of freedom....

Investment and savings

All thanks to hive, i was able to invest in some project where i made good profit, hive is my source of capital, there won't have been a capital to invest without hive so the success story start with hive and it is still going because i believe hive still have a lot of things to offer me...

One of the nft game i also started with the hive i earned [splinterlands] exploded this year and made me wow at the money i made from it because i was not expecting such a blessing this year but it happened, i am a winner hive is winning!*

This is an initiative by @guiltyparties and here is the link to the main post, hive highlight 2021, you should participate, share your testimonies because i believe hive has been a blessing to us all..

Just call me Burl.
I am a professional gamer and crypto enthusiast

Discord: burlarj#8326
Twitter id: burlarj1
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