Orchid Lovers

For Lovers of Orchids.. Whether you like to grow them or just admire them from a far, your in the right place!

This community was established as a place for Orchid Lovers to post about Orchids. The community is also a place for individuals, who have an interest in Orchids, to interact with others having the same passion.

Orchids are sometimes labeled as "hard to care for", and get thrown away in disgust by frustrated plant owners. Hopefully, we as a community, can change that opinion.

Orchids are a sensitive species, but with the proper love and care from us humans, they can brighten our living spaces and bring a sense of calm to our environments.. not to mention their stunningly beautiful flowers!

Hit 'Subscribe' and join our little community. All are welcome, even if you are just here to be dazzled by the beauty of an Orchid flower.


- Posts primarily about Orchids

- Posts should contain more than just photos (write something!)

- Cross Posting of posts that are primarily about Orchids is allowed

- No NSFW posts about Orchids please (hey, you never know)

- No Spam

- No Plagiarism - Only post your own ORIGINAL CONTENT.

- No hate, discriminatory language of any kind, offensive behavior or attacking others.

- All Languages Welcome

- Have Fun and Enjoy the Orchid Show!!

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