Rising Star. 1 Year anniversary GIVEAWAY!🎁

Good day, Rising Star family!


Saturday, 1 Year and 2 Days with Rising Star Game.

I am playing Rising Star Game for more than a year! Can you believe in it?
I don't plan to talk much today. I just want to remind you that I organized my own giveaway to celebrate that anniversary!

You can read all details here and leave a comment there, not under that post.

I just want to ask you to read the rules carefully!

Meanwhile, my second day after an anniversary is going well.

Today I finished 1 more achievement and received an extra free 100 STARBITS! I played 25 Radio Studio Sessions. That is a short just 35 minutes gig, but I didn't play it much...

11:47 Congratulations! You completed 25 Radio Studio Session missions and got a reward of 100 starbits!

Also, it seems I will level up soon...

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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