🎉A Happy 1 Year with Rising Star!!!🎉

Good day, Rising Star family!

Thursday, Day 365 with Rising Star Game.

I can't believe but today is exactly 1 year since I started playing the Rising Star Game! 365 days! I play that game for 365 days!

Let me tell you a short story about how it started...

My story

Exactly 365 days ago I saw a post by @RisingStarGame and decided why not...

It looked like a very simple and boring game, but as further I go as more interesting it gets... I learned about new musicians, new musical instruments, new people!

I was playing different missions and was trying to understand what is what... By playing missions I was getting game tokens, so-called STARBITS. And these starbits I can exchange to HIVE. But I prefered to keep earned starbits and reinvest them into the game.

I remember, when I made my first 10,000 STARBITS I bought my 1st card pack. I was so happy to get new cards in my collection. At that time I had just a couple of cards that I won in the game...

Then I understood that it is better to be patient and save 100,000 starbits and buy 12 card packs instead of 10. Same money but more cards!

Today I have around 190 cards! I know that it is still too less but...

There are so many different giveaways and events where everyone can earn a card or STARBITS on the Hive blockchain... Of course, I try to participate in them too...

If you think that you can just click on the missions and that's all, NOT! You need to think, you need to have a strategy. Of course, if you want to spend your time efficiently :) If you already play that game, you probably know what I mean.

Game progress

Now I want to share a few screenshots of my game progress.

Here is my dashboard... As you can see I am at level 132 now and I need 18 levels more to get to 150. And that is not an easy journey...


In a year I played 5,641 missions in total! Also, it took me a year to play 2,500 illegal Busking missions! It seems it will take me a year to finish achievements in that category xD




I want to share my happiness with you! So I decided to run a giveaway!!! It took me a long time to decide what to do and how to do it...I organized a couple of giveaways before at the beginning of that year, but then I had to stop it...

I don't want to make it complicated and difficult. So here are the rules!


  • Follow me, if you want^^

  • Tell me in comments How long you play that game and why do you play it

  • Tag your friend

  • If you have a Twitter, follow me there https://twitter.com/_irisko


I love number 7, so I decided to giveaway 7 cards! And the giveaway will last 7 days, i.e. I will announce the winners after payout for that post.


Winners will be picked up with Random Comment Picker

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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