Dark comedy

Yesterday, I had gone to attend a wedding. While there, I met a lot of familiar villagers who had come too. It was very pleasant and the function was smooth.

Why I wrote about it is because I came across a few females and males who were sitting and within the short span of the time spent there, spared no moment to gossip about the people who had come there.

Was it because it was a village event or was it because they were plainly bored and wanted to entertain themselves? Many had come only to eat the good food, perhaps. I found it a bit off and wanted to go away from the group and slipped away under the pretext of photographing the couple.


I am not pointing fingers at anybody. I am also not declaring that I am above all others. I have been body-shamed many a time across my life journey and I know the pain. It did not feel right to sit amongst such a group of people and openly talk behind their backs.

What prompts such behavior?

I feel that the TV soaps that are now broadcast on many channels have influenced the minds of such people who then start to behave like the characters they watch on a daily basis. Ultimately, watching such soap operas is bad for mental development and if there are children in your house, please refrain from showing them such programs.

The harm caused by such negative shows is bad and can even turn members of the family against each other. Many of the shows feature the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and crimes against women in such detail that if one wanted to hurt the other, there are ideas in plenty. Likewise, crimes are also described in detail. Often, producers of such programs forget that these shows are watched by thousands of people across the nation and even outside. Care should be taken not to focus on gory details and never glorify a villain. Movies are also to blame. Remember the Pushpa movie? Violence is served on a plate with enough and more entertainment so that the common folk gets their fill and the people behind walk away with the money.

I am not indicating that life should be portrayed as a bed of roses but it is time the industry woke up to reality. The recent crimes, the increased use of drugs, the increasing immorality, and the human trafficking and crimes against infants - all this is the beginning of the destruction of the society we have known and if nothing is done about it, it will not be long before anarchy rules.
Even otherwise, have you noticed certain OTT platforms thrust the LGBTQ idea down our throats? It is as if there is a quota in every show for a person of the above, an Indian or a Chinese, or Black. Somebody is trying to prove or please?

When money is the only priority, quality takes a downward turn and all is lost.

When you come across a person watching a soap that does not improve the quality of life, will you turn away or watch it? It will decide whether you want to waste your time and life or not.

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