The free gift within


Many find happiness in wealth, fame, women, riches, and other assets. They joy in these things but the big question is will you still be happy and joyful if these are taken away or in the event you lose these things? Now in answering this question, you would realize this kind of happiness is temporary since it's source is temporary. But, there is another kind of joy that remains and is permanent and that is the type the holy Spirit gives. In good and in bad times, it is there and goes no where.

I have read stories of people persecuted for the sake of the gospel. Even when faced with death, faced it joyfully and had no fear. That is not something normal and can only be divine. Who in his right senses will be joyful in the face of death? That can only be a supernatural work of some sort behind such attitude. And that work we have come to understand is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, sitting alone I would just begin to think on issues in my life that should get me really stressed but I am not. Instead, I find myself joyful like one who has won a jackpot or lottery ticket of some sort. It even seems so funny that sometimes I would think to myself how can you be so joyful and at peace in a time like this? And I will find no logical reason to explain it. It is in times like this one just begins to appreciate God even more. A rare gift that many don't have. So many people out there will pay a lot to enjoy this gift of peace and joy in the midst of troubles, bad and good times.

There are very wealthy people out there who still lack joy and peace in their lives. If only money can afford it but the biggest irony is, this gift is available for all at no cost to those who want it. All that is needed is to believe in Jesus Christ and receive it but many choose not to. Now that's what baffles me with this thing called Salvation.

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