Saved from a deep mess-My hive Story

When i joined the hive blockchain recently after hearing about it couple of months ago from a friend. I had the mindset that I’d be powering up my earnings on the Hive blockchain(ecency, leofinance and POB) all together to enable me return back to the community and also make my account to grow to that of a whale account.

But a couple of days ago i found myself in a financial mess, I didn’t know what to do or how to sort myself, suddenly i remembered i had some unstaked hive, pob and Leo. At first i was indecisive on selling them off to enable me sort myself from the mess i was in despite the fact that i wanted to keep my digital assets.

I wanted to stake my earnings so that i can be able to give good upvotes and contribute to the community but i had a much more important thing to do which can only be solved by selling my digital assets.

I made the conversion of my unstaked POB and LEO on the hive engine despite the low prices then withdrew the swapped hive to my account which i then transferred to a direct buyer.

I’m glad to say I successfully sorted myself from the mess and i am back again to the platform to start building back my earnings which i plan to stake as time goes on.

I am proud to say i am a member of this wonderful community and i have planned to devote more of time to contributing massively to this community as it came to the rescue when i had nothing else to turn to.

This is my hive testimony- thank you for stopping by

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