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@oatmealjoey is my 2nd Steemit account. Facebook Banned Me. 1992 Audio Found. Nicole Kidman. Earthworm Jim. Punching Bag: Project Man. @Bingoze and @Mischief_With_Griff are right about how the Extended Internet works. VHS To DVD 2019 Began. Post Swamp Creatures Here. Bunny Ears. Dairy Queen. Child Porn Debate. New Facebook - Oatmeal Joey. I applied to work at camp but was rejected. I taught Sunday School. Yard work. House work. Wrote articles reviewing my life in Vietnam in 2015. Spent most of my time writing, watching, reading, researching, educating, passing on the information war to others.

My Life in 2019

May - June - July

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Earthworm Jim

2019-06-01 - Saturday - Make Video-Games Great Again - Earthworm Jim - March of 2015 - Debate - This Comment Was Censored, Flagged - Isolated Free Market Threat - Story Telling Failure - Make Babies For The Second Richest - Master Failure: When failing to plan, you plan to fail - Keep working! Stop Paying! #23

Gandalf Molyneux Debate Video

2019-06-02 - Sunday - Rare-Earth War - March of 2015 - Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Austin Powers, Star Trek, The LEGO Movie, Back to the Future. - Infocomms - @ADASTRAPERASPERA - if you don't want to be here, then stop right now? Super Model Girl - From Dicatorship to Democracy - World Long Slavery - Safety Over Freedom Deception Talk about Gandalf Demon Cow People in a Stefan Molyneux Video today. No church. Yard work raking.

VHS To DVD 2019 Began

2019-06-03 - Monday - Began 2019 VHS To DVD Project. Project Blue Beam - Collider Kristian Harloff - Cost of Star Wars Fandom - Power Puff Girl Says Goodbye

2019 VHS To DVD Day 02

2019-06-04 - Tuesday - IWA - I got banned on Facebook for Kill All White People in 2018. Lesson Six | The People Rule, But They Do Not Govern IWA - @Memeart, as bad as the new 2019 Star Trek Picard show might be, the best part of it would be if they brought back Q, most likely. Sadly, they might not do that. IWA - Post alternatives here. Steemit - I'm super jealous of this Tantra Banter because minimalism is fundamental. Have fun fishing, kids. VHS to DVD Day 02. First day was yesterday. IWA Laughs as y'all are me haha lol. We should be winning the culture commentary and not just the political commentary. Conservatives play sports and music as well. They went crazy as they saw Obama in the crowd of the 2019 NBA Finals Game 02. Owen Shroyer was talking about this today. It is all about engaging culture in being relevant and engaging.

Post Swamp Creatures Here

2019-06-05 - Wednesday - Being Memorable With Bingozee Bingoze - Infowars Hall of Fame Gallery - She is better than Miley Cyrus. - Impeach the Peach - Joey is Therecfem and Cyberpunkspike and Your Mom Haha - Red-Pill People Gradually Via Operation Info Crumbs - Live-Stream Infowars & Stuff Via Social Networks 24/7 - Operation Infowars Outpost - Dtube talk - I love Rambo. He is a real man. He is not a girly man. - Post Swamp Creatures Here

Bunny Ears

2019-06-06 - Thursday - April of 2015 in Vietnam - Add Me On Facebook- Send Me Friend Requests - Tag Me - Post Anything on My Facebook Wall Timeline Profile Account - Anytime - Follow My Steemit Blog - Add Me - Tag Me - But Please Don't Flag Me - Post on my Facebook. Write anything you want on my wall timeline, anytime. - Macaulay Culkin Visits Medieval Times - Swear & Drink Only To Make a Point - How to stay fit. Workout to music. Dance together Simon Said Style. - I have only one rule. Please post on my Facebook. Write something. Tag me. - Why didn’t the Night King slice that girl in half? Because he is a pedo.

Printer & Word Problems

2019-06-07 - Friday - Artist Mother Girl - Yang Is False Alternative For Vexed Trump Supporters - I wonder if I'm the only one here using my real name and real everything or not. - @Benoaks has great advice on how we must call up Trump. @WickedMagaMaster is right on how we must hold Trump's feet to the fire in regards to the 2nd amendment - 08:22 PM - What If I Told You Over Half Of The Members Here On INFOCOMMS Were Less Than Three Accounts? - 08:35 PM - IWA - Actually just one person, me. Every single person in and on Infocomms, including @Leviticus, is me, are me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Encouraged to Write

2019-06-08 - Saturday - I came back to America from Vietnam because of Trump. I feel like I should be making enough money before I even attempt to date. So, now at 34 years old, I still find myself busy all the time. If I want to start a family, money is one thing and on the top of that, a possibly bigger issue is in balancing time between projects, hobbies, careers, work, activism, writing, videos, cooking, eating, exercise, sleep, vacation, etc. 12:54 AM - IWA - Grand Theft Auto in Real Life - Saturday LIVE Winning/Liberty or Death - 01:12 PM - IWA - The Gun Debate & Thread - Keep Portland Weird But Not That Weird - Liberty Hangout - Pride Gets Peaceful - 04:16 PM - Sex Dolls Destroys Marriages - Is that how we should choose the members of the Infowars Army? - 05:54 PM - IWA - Smoke - There is a website all about stuff like this. - "The Making of a YouTube Radical" - The New York Times Rebutted! - CNN Mocked Black People - Transgender Bomb - Star Trek Kids - Mafia Media - Envisioning 2030 - Matrix - Total Recall - Minority Report - Judge Dredd - The Game of Throne Thorns - Roseanne - Batman's Gotham - Fuller House - We Are Borg - Beam Me Up 5G

Printers & Shopping

2019-06-09 - Sunday - Led Sunday School chapter 3. Cyperbunk 2077 is Pro-Matrix - The ultimate counterfeit, deception, angel of light, a fake version of destiny. You don't have to believe in the Devil to believe in evil and depravity. There are better ways of doing things in life. So, people don't have to be religious to see that. The enemy of what is the best in your life is often what appears to be simply good. Dislike v Downvotes

Dairy Queen

2019-06-10 - Monday - How-To Watch Infowars on Radio, TV, Internet, Streams, etc - Post a Girl - 5G v 5GHZ - Disney bought Fox for $71B and changed X-Men to X-Women - Facebook Bitcoin - Availability Over Privacy - Bit-Torrent Infowars Philosophy

Super David Knight Video

2019-06-11 - Tuesday - Hong Kong Protests - Latisha Patterson - Impeach Trump - Pence For President - WhatsApp to Sue Users - New Internet Party - How-To Watch Infowars on Radio, TV, Internet, Streams, etc - Snatch is NOT Millie lol - What is Impeachment Question - The Fathom Events

Lost Lake

2019-06-12 - Wednesday - Lost Lake. Fighting game. A drink. Hot Day. The Infowars Time-Capsule Challenge - Yoga Oatmeal - Water Rationing Hell Near Seattle - Curing Cancer Joe Biden - Not Facebook - Make Farming Great Again It seems that people don't know how to use Twitter - Straight People Are Never Ever Ever Ever Persecuted Like We Gay People Are

Trailer Driveway

2019-06-13 - Thursday - Make Alex Jones The New Press Secretary - The Infowars Time-Capsule Challenge - Security v Sexy Freedom - The Objective to the Time-Capsule Challenge - Why They Love 5G - Dug up the trailer driveway

Facebook Always Watching You

2019-06-14 - Friday - Make Health Great Again. Facebook War.

Facebook Banned Me

2019-06-15 - Saturday - Feeling sick, past few days. Drinking tea. Before Versus After. Worth Many Millions. Banned For Soph. SSGBigg.com. Radio Versus Social Media. World War Three Sleeper Cells Globally.

1992 Audio Found

2019-06-16 - Sunday - Roxio Notes. Arnold Attic Notes. When you eat oatmeal, oatmeal goes inside you. The flagging system comes from Discord, not Infowars, since Discord is the engine that drives Infocomms. I copied some of my home videos to DVD. Please tell me that DVD can survive through EMP Attacks, etc. They had power thousands of years ago and then didn't. If anything survived from then, I would watch them. Likewise, if things stopped for a while now, it won't be forever. Things will recover again, I promise. 03:28 PM - I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh, wait a minute.... I think that Alex did not lose control. 03:44 PM - I have Ubuntu and you can get out of these situations with your phones and computers. 04:59 PM - Watching a video of Russian girls slapping each other's butts in some kind of sports competition.

Dracula Killed Muslims

2019-06-17 - Monday - Work in concert. This is what the Bury Your Computer Time-Capsule Challenge is all about. Many Small Antennas Inside Your Phone. Cannot Remove Websites. 10:05 AM - My Review of Three Articles. 10:31 PM - You can post photos, pictures, and images, in this thread.

Nicole Kidman

2019-06-18 - Tuesday - Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Chun Li. Video-Idea Factory - Request Home-Made Videos Here. @joeyarnoldvn was BANNED on Facebook for posting nudity and yet he didn't post nudity and Facebook didn't show him, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, which post violated Facebook Community Guidelines. No evidence. Just fake accusation, slander, deception, a lie. Why Facebook lying to users about things they did not do? Why is Facebook banning millions of users? Paranoimia. Pew Die Pie Reviews Keanu Reeves Memes. Edutainment. 9/11. External Fake Diversity Versus Internal Diversity of Ideas. SSD Advantage. Save in different formats, devices, things, offline, online, etc. Millions

Child Porn

2019-06-19 - Wednesday - Jack Black - Tenacious D- Wonder Boy. Oatmeal Soap. Bet Man Versus Bat Man Versus Trump. Donald Trump Jr 2024. Facecoin Deception. How does the judge know there was child porn on the computers of Alex Jones if the judge did not see the porn? That is false accusation, hearsay, not admittable in a court of law. If the judge saw the porn, then judge is a criminal as well. Holding Versus Glancing.

Punching Bag

2019-06-20 - Thursday - Project Man. New Steemit account - @oatmealjoey - Facebook reviewed my case manually and said that my empty post violated community guidelines. I clicked on "Accept Decision" accidentally because I read it wrong. I thought they were going to admit that they were wrong. Project Facebook.


2019-06-21 - Friday - Property evaluator. New Steemit account - @oatmealjoey - World Affairs Brief. Brains were bigger. @Bingoze and @Mischief_With_Griff are right about how the Extended Internet works.


2019-06-22 - Saturday - You could watch Snatch if you want. Landscaping. TV. Vikings. They returned. Weeding. Kaitlin. Millie. Trump. Molyneux. Great videos. IWA. Surviving EMP. If Facebook was private. Liberty Hangout is NOT Infowars. When did you realize that MSM is Fake News? Millie Weaver asked people this at a Trump Rally and some of them said since Reagan, since the 1980's in the USA for example, if not longer. A truck read that CNN is fake news. Part of America great involves making it free. Millie is NOT Alex Jones.

New Facebook - Oatmeal Joey

2019-06-23 - Sunday - Taught Sunday School - Hot or Cold. Even Darth Vader was red-pilled in the end. Stopping 5G. Animals vs humans. Promoting better money. Stuck Between Two worlds. Bitcoin. Doctor Girl. Video. No 5G Around West Virginia.

Oatmeal Joey

2019-06-24 - Monday - @OatmealJoey - Real Oatmeal Joey Purpose. I'm very bad - click here to read all about it. How do you watch Alex Jones? 5G vs Fiber Optics. CloudFlare. John Bolton Thread. As long as you pay for the birth control pills yourself, as an individual, have fun. Let people sell it. Let the free market have fun with it. 100,000 Subs - DECLASSIFIED - The Epoch Times. @TheIsz, I just subscribed to Epoch, not to be confused with Tuvok or Tupoc. Thanks. The Best Book to Read to Your Kids Facebook Espionage. Some information talking about how 5G is bad. Lots of details here. Click here to see more. @Libertysmith is so right. Who cares if we can understand each other. Just let me speak some Vietnamese here. Who cares if you know Vietnamese or not. Toi song o viet nam. Toi yeu com ga. Toi uong ca phe sua nong. I am against limiting police's use of force, but I'm also against funding their use of force via taxes. They should hold fundraisers. Also, I'm against gun bans, etc. Was Owen Shroyer talking about me? Am I a troll? I talked about the alternatives. Click here to watch Alex Jones Live via Ron Gibson on Bitchute Live. You can now watch it live. @Minutemen-Of-America loves Soros. He does not want to go after Rothschild. Therefore, he is a troll. He is a shill. Because he does not try to stop 5G. He does not try to stop Mercury Vaccines. He does not try to stop geoengineering. Instead, he is trying to stop Alex Jones who is trying to save America. Trump Announced His Win Red Website.

Metal Gear Joey 2011

2019-06-25 - Tuesday - Metal Gear Joey 2011. Stopping 5G. Stopping Technocracy. Bridge Trolls Are Good. @Memeart, there are different branches of the government. So, we could go after big tech through one branch or through another branch. Too Much Free Time. Promoting Alternatives. We're promoting alternatives, writing books, documentaries, etc. How many is too many for the Infocomms? @Mr.Anderson, I will pay you ten thousand dollars if you can expose me. Find out who I work for. All you have to do is find out which leftist firm hired me to destroy Infocomms. @Leviticus is right, I am here to tear IWA apart. @Mischief_With_Griff, spread the word. @Artsyneva, tell your friends. I promise to pay you ten thousand dollars. This offer is for anybody and everybody. Just find out who is paying me to cause all the infighting since all of the infighting is thanks to me. Remove me, and then there would be no infighting. So, just get @OwenShroyer and other people to ban me and then expose me. Just Google Oatmeal Joey Arnold and find out who I am and then start a thread exposing me. Then you can get me banned and then go after me legally. You can then have a better forum that is void of infighting as all infighting comes from me, especially as most of the accounts were made by me. I made so many sock puppet accounts on the Infowars Army. That means, by extension, you need to start banning and removing all of my fake accounts on the Infocomms and make sure you expose me. Then, things will be better. @TheIsz could help with trying to expose me. You guys can work together to expose me and then split the rewards among yourselves for exposing whoever might have hired me to take down Infocomms. YouTube LIVE - Google Exposed: Dave Rubin Responds. Ban Joey Before It's Too Late. @Mischief_With_Griff is right, please ignore the Infocomms Official Troll & Destroyer, Oatmeal Joey Arnold (that's me), who is getting paid to destroy this forum to stop you guys from doing offline activism. Ban me now before it is too late, bwhahahaaaa. Are there posted bicycle speed limits that people can see? If people cannot see the signs, then we might have a problem. @VRfluxx, I was telling @Mr.Anderson about MIMO and Anderson thought that I was Neo.

May of 2015

2019-06-26 - Wednesday - No Bible Study. Watched the 1st Democratic Clown World Debate. May 2015. Alaska Russia Tunnel. Ukraine taught me Family First Values. Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain but Says Palestinian & Not Israeli. The XXtra Report. Stealing Pictures Debate. Biker Speed Limit. If it is a shared lane with pedestrians and not alongside a busy road, then the speed limit is there to keep the bikers from crashing into the walkers. If that is a bad idea, then those people need to protest and show up at town halls in order to remove that speed limit. Sports. Motivation Debate. Some advice about being single - Dating advice here. Facebook Abortion Debate.

Democratic Debates Day 2

2019-06-27 - Thursday - Save America: here is what you can do to stop DACA Amnesty and the millions of illegals that are taking over the United States of America (USA) and the whole world by extension. (click here to read all about what you can do to help). Golden Asteroid coming to make all humans into billionaire? @Memeart, Wikipedia speaks truth just as much as Hillary Clinton. Not everything she says is a lie either. Same Same. The Young Turks Thread. - RAINBOW SNATCH TR0LLS TYT! Who is NOT religious? @Zor, oh, I'm so sorry for pretending to be the original oatmeal of hope over dope; so sorry for copying infinite altitude, the Arnold Attic. I am just a big copycat fake, pretending to be Ojawall. Pretending to be Billy Breaker. Pretending to be Red Dog Mickey Morehead. Pretending to be Ra Ra Hercules Roberto of the 44 Tapes and 58 DVDs. @Fubar, the 5G False Rapture Thing is called Project Blue Beam. Inter-Sex Thread.

Transhumanism DVD

2019-06-28 - Friday - Do we have enough time to stop Google? Trump Bandages While America Bleeds Faster. Procrastinating Golden Ages Homosexuality Debate Poll: We should only tell people to do good and not bad, true or false? We should encourage people towards better choices over merely acceptable decisions, true or false? Angelina Jolie's Dad vs. Socialism - Moms For America - Jon Voight joins Moms for America's stand against socialism in America. Angelina Jolie's father against socialism. Awesome. Meanwhile, Angelina promoted socialism and stuff through Hollywood, the U.N, etc. @FreedomFighter414 is talking about culture when he says white people. Government should stop helping big tech.

Cleaned My Room

2019-06-29 - Saturday - I lost my master key. Can I get a new Steemit account? Nazi Planned Parenthood. Globalists, in the 1800's, were homosexual and they raped children, true or false? LIVE: President Trump Press Conference after Conclusion of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. The Killing of Uncle Sam.Evil Putin: does that mean he is or is becoming a globalist? Never Work Lie.Banned from Discord. Game Inside Games Theory. Building a Computer Inside Mario Maker. Lucky Son Shirt.

Created a Second Account

2019-06-30 - Sunday - I created my second Steemit account @oatmealjoey - click here to read more. My name is Oatmeal Joey. Attended church. Hot day. Kids sang in the morning service. Can I get a new Steemit account? The Candace Owens Show: Nigel Farage. Doxing Antifa? I created @oatmealjoey on Steemit today. It cost 3 Steem or SBD for the account creation, the activation fee. I sent an email to myself. I gave myself 20 SP. It's delegated. I'm not sure what that means. I'm not sure if that means borrowed, rented. I thought people said you can delegate SP and then take it back later. Not sure how all that works yet.

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