Introducing myself; A Minecraft content creator


Let me introduce myself, I'm a Minecraft content creator. I have 6.75k subscribers with my most popular video on YouTube having 217,000 views

I am also on TikTok. On there I have just over 6,000 followers and my most popular video sitting at around 710,000 views

Anyway, I don't want to sound obnoxious with my stats.

I participate in the weekly building events on Minecraft hosted by @immanuel94 on their Minecraft server (You can see the results of the building contests by going onto their profile).

I have had a few bumps in the road with my content creation journey. One of these bumps was my Instagram account got deleted without notice and without an email saying why. Also, I used to have a different YouTube channel but also without any notice, most of its subs got reduced to 189 from 650! Very annoying but I picked myself up and started again with a new channel.

So yeah, that's me with my small section of the internet. I didn't really have much to talk about but whatever :)

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