Sheep In Wolf's Clothing – Imagine You're A Human Trafficker

Let's say you were a trafficker. Just imagine - for the sake of progress in all the worldwide investigations into these cases. Your awareness might end injustice and free slaves who are living and dying each day all around the world. It's closer than you think. So, let's explore. Become a trafficker in spirit right now. Not everything is bad in this mind game.

1. You're a super-smart guy.

2. You're loaded.

Human trafficking. How does that work? One can't go register a business, rent rooms and offer people. Or can you?

shop a human!.gif

First, you need a front business. One that doesn't sell people but hides the fact you do. What's the smartest enterprise to come up with? What official profession might lead to your actual goal of selling people? You are clever. What you are looking for is a win-win situation, not a dirty snack bar on the outskirts of a big city. It's best if your front makes a lot of money and elevates you into a society that can make trafficking easier for you. What kind of business could this possibly be that you, the very clever trafficker, would then set up for yourself?
The right question is: Which forces pose the greatest threat to your business? It is best to found one, or even better several non-profit organizations that are active in the fight AGAINST human trafficking. Where is a murderer hiding most safely? Among police officers.

hide among policemen.gif

The same applies to you. Nobody suspects you of being among your enemies. In addition, no other form of business makes it easier to make funds appear and disappear than a well-oiled donation network. Found an NGO! Now you can even collect subsidies and meet and flatter a whole lot of influential people. The wolf is simply nowhere safer and more comfortable than in sheep's clothing. You know that. For you, it's everyday life. Most others have forgotten to think about it. Lucky Wolf!


On we go!
Where can you find the best material? We start small. Small means: in countries with very small economic power and opaque structures. Third world countries that accommodate many unregistered individuals who you can take without anyone even complaining. How can you kidnap someone who doesn't exist? Now imagine you would be reported for traveling to all these suspicious countries all the time and not having your little fake NGO. See? Sheer madness! As a trafficker, you NEED an NGO against trafficking. Why else would you visit all the hotspots?
Here's some empty space for you to stare at and have a little realization about this world …


Regimes of injustice, dictatorships, mafia-like structures, all of these play into your hands. Make sure those sources never really subside, whereas you're claiming that this would be your profession. ;)
Not to mention the war! According to statistics of the UN refugee relief organization UNHCR, around 71 million people are on the run worldwide – the principle of the presumably very large number of unreported cases applies. These can also become your victims, or this might be your merchandise. Regimes of injustice, dictatorships, wars, all of that will be your assets.


You collect funds and donations, which you manage at your own discretion. Of course, you have to be transparent about this, but anyone who has ever worked for a foundation or made private funding applications knows exactly how flexible numbers can be.
In accounting, only one thing counts:

Statement of assets
Declaration of expenditure

Difference MUST be 0 with allowed deviations up to 20% for EVERY SINGLE POST. At least, that applies for German NGOs. Not sure about international laws. That posts and numbers can be pretty flexible on any kind of bill, though, applies internationally.
No matter how honest the intentions of a foundation are, it has no choice. It must obey the bureaucracy. So there is always juggling. And you, the wolf in sheep's clothing, can make good use of that. Spend a lot of money on publicity and Factor Two: Contacts.
People you know or need to know or be known to are, for example:
  • Politicians
  • Influential doctors
  • Judges and lawyers
  • Media Outlets
Why those you wonder? Well, am I @mayb allowed to blow your mind?
Any idea what the biggest business is on this planet according to the money made by it? Bigger than everything you hear about EVERY DAY?

150 bil.jpg

2015: worth 150 Billion USD compared to 137 Billion USD by google, starbucks, nike and the nfl combined (Source)

Let me end this article by posing some questions that you might wanna answer for yourself:

  • If human trafficking is the biggest business there is how would it be possible without the help and money of the richest people on this planet? Where does all the money come from?
  • Given the world we're living in where all these big businesses mentioned above have such a huge impact on politics and society, do you doubt for a second the biggest of them all hasn't?
  • What are all these NGOs doing? Have they ever reached any systematical change or do they actually profit from the status quo?
  • How come mainstream media never reports critically on the work of these huge NGOs?
  • Have you ever researched the vast network of donations and how certain players built a huge chain of money leading directly into voting campaigns that influence whole countries?

No Russian interference needed when you simply follow e.g. the Clinton campaign money.


Thanks a lot. Maybe you also wanna read about Patch Adams grooming children in the slums of Guatemala?!


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