The only reason anyone would doubt the media is because they love Trump

I think most people can agree that the fact that pretty much anything can become a political talking point these days is starting to grind on people's nerves more and more these days and I am not an exception. The main thing that anyone talks about these days of course is Corona-virus as we are inundated with it day in and day out.

There is also an increasing amount of skepticism about what we are being told by the government and especially the news media, who seems to go out of their way to make everything seem like a breaking story - they have to, their industry is dying and sensationalism is the only thing that sells these days.


Recently, groups of people, hesitant to believe the stories they are fed constantly about hospitals being overwhelmed with patients made the hashtag "filmyourhospital" trend and people did precisely that, only to have results that don't exactly appear to be the mayhem, panic, and desperate situation that the media keeps spoon-feeding us.

The hospitals featured in these videos show empty parking lots, empty lobbies, empty hallways, and a load of staff and security telling the people filming that they are "not allowed to film in here." Why not? is what I respond to that.

Anyway, on to the dumb article.

Ben Adler from City and State New York, whatever the hell that is, wrote a response to this sort of skepticism suggesting that these "amateur sleuths" only have two objectives: They are

"defending President Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis and protecting the interests of big business"

He then goes on to attempt to discredit the fact that the exterior of the hospital isn't busy but the inside of it is... without any evidence of that other than his feelings. In fact, the one famous time that a report did show the "chaos" inside of a New York hospital... stirring up a frenzy among the populous... had its footage quickly be revealed to be stock footage from the interior of an Italian hospital and not even from New York at all.


I think that it is a very valid point to be a bit skeptical of what the news stations are reporting because we have been lied to by the media for so long, but according to wannabe journalist Ben Adler, the only objective any whistleblower could possibly have would be to attempt to protect Trump!

Now I'm not trying to say that the Coronavirus is fake or anything like that. I'm saying that the media is fake and they don't even do a very good job of hiding this anymore. I just wish they would report the truth from time to time instead of making a mountain out of every single molehill.

Questioning what the media has told us, a media that is routinely caught lying to us, is not a right-wing conspiracy thing Ben. People not believing what fakenews has told them over the years is not necessarily an indication of Trumpism. Questioning the media is an unfortunate reality of the times that we live in since they can no longer be depended on to tell the truth.

Ben's knee jerk political reaction to any criticism of what the world is fed on TV is dumb, and I suspect he is just another one of the good little sheep that will do whatever they are told. Good luck with that pal!


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