It's Trumps fault that the riots and looting is happening in Minneapolis

Or that at least is the opinion of famed political expert and part-time singer Taylor Swift. She has never been a fan of D.T. and took some time in 2016 to make that known to the world against the advice of her managers and helpers or whatever those people are called that pop stars have that drive their careers.


Let me tell you how everyone feels about what Tay Tay said here, even if they wont admit it: If they dislike Trump, they agree with her; if they like Trump, they disagree with her. That's it. Of course there are a few people out there that don't give half at rat's patoot what singers and actors think about politics and pay them very little mind.... but alas, here I am highlighting Tay's comments on my blog.


I was rather unaware of Taylor's position on the President (because I don't even have a Twitter account and I don't listen to pop music) until I had the misfortune of being forced by my gf to watch her Netflix special, Miss Americana. To be fair I found some of it entertaining and was delighted to discover that Taylor is actually capable of playing a few instruments unlike most of the other people involved in her trade.

Now someone who dislikes Trump as much as Taylor does is always going to speak out against the president but to blame him for something that he had exactly zero involvement in and was thousands of miles away from the time all of the pieces of this puzzle were coming together is beyond partisan - it's beyond dumb - it's borderline insane. However, in America any time anything goes wrong it is only a matter of time before some celebrity decides this is a great time to get some exposure by blaming whatever the flavor of the day happens to be, on the the Don.

Showcasing the overall idiocy of the world, her comment was retweeted 100 thousand times after just an hour after she posted it. She also received 20,000 replies and they are comedy gold. There are some people out there that believe that celebrities actually read the responses to their Tweets - I am happy to say that I don't personally know anyone that is that delusional.

We also see a lot of celebrities actually trying to justify the looting that is taking place and suggesting that these people are protesters and no thieves... Right. If you break open the windows of a shop and steal merchandise from it you are no longer a protester, you are a looter and I don't know of you are aware of this or not, but theft, even from a large chain store, is illegal.

I normally don't take sides but I don't have any respect for people that would try to suggest that the burning of buildings and the theft of property is anything other than crime. Come off of it already.

Of course the usual media outlets such as CNN are trying to highlight the protest aspects of all of this and try to focus on the obvious criminal aspects of it as little as possible. It was just hilarious to me that as the riots / looting spread to other parts of the country, one of the targets of the destruction of property is actually the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Karma much?


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