Are We At the End of Humanity's Mental Capabilities? Black Pigeon Speaks

END of EVOLUTION Cultural & Cognitive STAGNATION

In this video, Black Pigeon Speaks brings up many supposedly different aspects of society that have stagnated, and thus brings up the hypothesis that humanity may have reached the end of its cognitive abilities.

  • Popular Songs
  • Popular Movies
  • Cars
  • Science

BPS correctly notes that since the turn of the century almost nothing new has been added to these areas.
Pop music on the radio is almost the same as it was 10 years ago.
The blockbuster movies are all remakes

Cars have nothing new or innovative.

And science, with almost no breakthroughs this century, has now become a landscape of teams instead of lone, insanely brilliant scientists.

Thus, BPS postulates that we may have reached then end of humanities ability to think our way forward. (and thus we need AI, but that is a different topic)

- - - - - - -

Actually all of these things have stagnated because of gate keepers.

And none of it has to do with humanity being anywhere close to the edge of our ability.

The songs we all here on the radio do indeed sound almost identical to a decade ago, however, if you go to indie bands, to the corners of the dark-web, you can find all kinds of innovative and new music.

Movies, which we can all agree have been nothing but rehashes, reboots, "re-imaginings" for over a decade, are not so much a sign that we can't think of anything new, but a sign that Hollywood producers can't or won't deal with anything new, anything that may lose money at the box office.

I know of many scripts, that could be picked up right now and make awesome new movies. (but you all probably haven't read them)

So, again i turn to the indie movies. Lots of innovative stuff there (unless you are at that one film festival that is all about who has the largest brown nose)

All in all, the gatekeepers want a specific narrative in songs and movies, and discard everything else. The narrative is everything. They must stay in control.

- - - - - - -

On motor vehicles, just watch the movie Tucker.

The big motor companies have been buying up all the patents and sitting on them.

I know several of them personally.

Further, you can go back to Hot Rod magazines of the 70s and get TONS of innovative ideas that still aren't found in cars.

Like Hydrogen injection. Duel fuel burning makes a far better and cleaner combustion. More power, more fuel efficiency... but then you have to fill up two fuels at the gas station.

This entire industry makes me sick! Life saving and environment saving tech is shelved just to save the bit auto makers a buck.

- - - - - - -

And the last point, and the one BPS was leading up to, science.

BPS asks why hasn't there been any big breakthroughs?

And the answer is, because we are going the wrong way, and there isn't any further we can go that still remains believable.

"Dark matter" and "Dark energy" are about the limits of believable non-sense.

We uphold Einstein as the brilliant scientist.
When everything he wrote down is bunk.
(Accept that space is indeed curved.)

In order to go forward in science, we have to go back past Tesla.
We have to remove the works of almost everyone that fills the modern science text books.

Then we can go forward.
We do not need AI. AI cannot fix a faulty assumption that will be hard-coded into its program. We have to rework science. We have to stop pretending that physics and metaphysics can be separated.

- - - - - - -

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video from Black Pigeon Speaks

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