My first Power Up Day! 1st of March 2022 🚀


Last Power Up day I set as a personal objective that I would be able to participate in March Power Up Day and challenge properly. I wrote a post the first of Feburary explaining how I was getting ready and reviewing some of my favourite own Hive entries.

And here I am. I achieved my goals! and I am completely ready for it! I have around 16 HIVE (humble, I know) stored and ready for the power up, and I even managed to have 100 HIVE POWER stacked.


I am quite excited for the possibility of getting my first PUD badge. Now, next objective is keeping the trend and be here again next month!.

So, finally, I can proudly say that I am part of this community iniciative and my account continues growing from the inside. They are turbulent times in the crypto markets, but here we are showing our commitment 🚀

By the way, i have also learned this month that we can use to track our growth and potential pending rewards. This is my plot for the last days where I can proudly see my powerup!


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