Halfway Into February -- Still Going Strong

As I've mentioned in a previous post earlier this year, I had decided to write posts more regularly. For January I decided to try to do it even daily.

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It's now mid February, and I'm still going strong with daily posts. Something I though I would never do. Again, I would like to cross off a second monthly author badge. From time to time it can be a bit of a challenge to write daily, mostly due to time limitations. Ones February is over, I'll probably take a bit easier with the posting.

While in my previous post on this matter I mostly talked about the social benefits of writing daily. Today I would like to talk a bit more about the financial aspect.

While one and a half month has passed, I started to notice how my account is slowly growing in HP. While I didn't set a very clear goal in terms of growth, I always had an average of one hive per day in mind for this year. While this goal is doable, I noticed that I can do better simply by being more active on the platform socially. To give you an example, over the past days, my curation and posting rewards combined equate to over 100 HP.


At this rate, I could potentially increase my account by 1200 HP without investing anything other than some time every day. Time that I actually enjoy spending on it :-)

Splinterland Adventure

Apart from commenting and posting and increasing HP numbers, I also spend more time daily on playing some games at time I have a few quick minutes to kill. The #Splinterlands app is perfect for this! With the battle season ending today, I managed to claim some loot on both my accounts.

With my main account which holds all my cards, DEC and SPS, I got quite lucky this season. I managed to get a hold of four cards, of which one rare and one epic! I'm excited to test them in some battles :-)


My second account, which I am planning to build completely from scratch was less fortunate, only potions and credits. I realise more and more that this one is going to be a long haul one. I'll just keep grinding on and hope for some lucky loots.


Rock 'n Roll Career

Other than Splinteralands, I've been spending a small amount of time on #Risingstargame. This game generally doesn't need much time invested. Currently, I'm trying to push my game level to 40 in order to complete higher level missions. As you can see below, I'm currently at 39, so it's just a matter of days. After that, it wont be too long until I manage to complete all missions on the local gig circuit.


Hive Power Up Month

And then, there's a great other challenge I'm still running for. The Hive power up month. After the start only about 70 people are still participating. That's about a third of people that initially started. Let's see if I can make it to the end. Supposedly, one can win HP delegation. That would be a first for me. I'm excited :-)

All in all, I'm really happy about how my involvement on the platform is developing over time :-)

Let's head on towards March!

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