Two Great Things Always Happen On The 1st On Hive - HivePUD & New Topic for Your Top 3!

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1st of Hive-uary!

The start of a new month always brings a smile to my face, almost like a fresh start to set new objectives and goals to achieve but on Hive, these two things always stand out for me - HivePUD and Your Top 3 Contest (obvs). Here's why you should get involved in both if you want to have fun AND grow your accounts!

Hive Power Up Day (HivePUD)

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Formerly created by @streetstyle, @traciyork (and others who are doing their own great things too) has taken the helm of this awesome initiative where you are strongly encouraged to power up your liquid HIVE because it gives you a few benefits:

  1. Stronger votes on content & witnesses - although you may not see this in the first instance, if you stay for a longer time and keep powering up like I have over the last 2.5 years, then you will notice the accumulative effect
  2. Earning more curation rewards - kinda goes with point 1 but the way it works is that if you upvote content, you will earn as well (known as curation rewards) so the more Hive Power you have, the more you can potentially earn back
  3. Earning "interest" by holding Hive Power - maybe you didn't know this but you will also earn HIVE passively at about 3% per year of what you currently have powered up so the more HIVE you have, the more you can earn from just holding!
  4. Earn by delegating - delegating is effectively "loaning" out your HIVE Power to others and some accounts may offer you a daily payment for doing so. If you have more to delegate, you can earn more by delegating which helps grow your balance even more!


How To Enter The Hive PUD Contest

That's right, there's a whole contest going around powering up today and you can win some pretty slick prizes just for powering up on the 1st and making a post about it! Here's how you can enter (information adapted from Traci's recent post) - you have to meet all 4 requirements:

1 - Reputation score - must be greater than 39.00 but below 70.00 (so 69.99 is good & Can participate but 38.99 is not)

2 - Hive Power - must be greater than 100HP but below 8000HP (prior to HivePUD).

3 - Time - must power Up HIVE on AUGUST 1st, 2020

4 - Post - must make a post about powering up on July 1st with the tag #HivePUD.

The winners will be decided by the ratio between your current HIVE Power and the amount you power up on July 1st, NOT the actual amount of HIVE powered up. For example:

Person A - had 1000 HIVE Power already and then powered up 100 HIVE on 1st July, then it's 10% increase
Person B - had 300 HIVE Power already and then powered up 60 HIVE on 1st July, then it's a 20% increase and person B would win.

Full information on the prizes are in Traci's post!

I've powered up about 58 HIVE today which takes my total ever closer to 46,000 HP and my goal of getting to Orca by the end of the year is still on - need to get to about 51,300 HP so might be tight with about 5k more to go... we'll see!


Your Top 3 Contest - New Topic!

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Another great way to win is to enter the @yourtop3 contest each month as we're all about having fun and powering up Hive users!

Each month, our contest mascot Q (who has the overall say on everything), asks the Hive community what your top 3 favourite things are about a specific topic. Last month was "Lead Singers" but other topics have covered video games, favourite authors, comedy movies, lockdown essentials and all sorts really!

This is organised under instruction from Q by @plantstoplanks, @foxyspirit, @cheese4ead and myself but those who get involved are all winners as just by entering, you're already growing your account! Also, with the many leagues we have going, there's plenty of fun going around!

The latest topic has just been announced too! What is it? Well, check out the post here and find out!

Hope to see you get involved!

So have you powered up today? Will you be entering the Your Top 3 contest this month and rise up the leagues?! Have you got any suggestions of a topic yourself?! Let me know in the comments!


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