Your Top 3 Monthly Contest August 2020 - What Are Your Favourite “End of the World” Movies?

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Happy New Month!

🎵 “No time for losers ‘cos we are the champions… of the worrrrrrrrld!!”🎵

Oh I love that one from Queen! Always fancied myself as a bit of a “Freddie Mer-Q-ry” you know! SUCH a great song to sing at the top of your voice as you get ready to leave the house for another bustling month of Your Top 3 fun! Alright, let’s go outside and see…. OH MY Q!

What’s happened to the world overnight?! I open my front door and I see the neighbourhood is on fire?! Why are people being chased by hordes of other...weird looking people? Hey Mr.! You forgot to wipe that tomato ketchup from your mouth! At least I think it’s ketchup...? What’s with all the screaming? What’s that in the sky? Looks like just a molten cloud of ash from a volcanic eruption…. But there are no volcanoes in pe-Q-liar...🤔

I have to get out of here and see what’s going on in the town next door, hold on folks, we’re going for a ride! Out of my way ketchup face people! I need to avoid those fires as well, sheesh, this feels like it’s the end of the world, like it’s the apocalypse now and I’m in some kind of disaster movie…Huuu Ahhh, what… oh, it was all just dream…phew, be calm my beating heart...

Hey everyone! It’s Q here and I’m back to announce the next round of our fun monthly HIVE contest! Hopefully that nightmare intro would give you some idea of what I’m looking for but this month, I want to know what “end of the world” style movies are your favourites! Perhaps it’s a zombie film or a natural disaster, maybe it’s a movie that follows life pre, during, or post an apocalyptic event?

Whatever your nominations, make sure you don’t give yourselves nightmares like my one!

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The Topic For This Round Is…Favourite “End of the World” Movies

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How To Enter This Apocalyptic Contest

1 - Create a blog post with your top 3 nominations along with your reasoning behind them. Entry posts must have:

  • A minimum of 250 words total and
  • The #yourtop3 tag MUST be in the first 5 tags used
  • The deadline for submitting entries is the 9th

2 - Put a link to your blog in the comments section of this blog.

3 - Set your post payout to 50/50. You keep the HP and then transfer the HIVE and/or HBD (whichever is paid out at the time) to @yourtop3 with a link to your blog post entry in the transfer memo. This is the minimum entry fee, but you can add as much as you like to it! The more you add, the more you can win.There is no maximum entry fee.

You must send your entry fee in by the 19th of the month, otherwise you won’t qualify for the final standings for the month and won’t get credit for the entry for the league standings either and that would make me very sad - don’t make me sad...

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Not sure how to find your post payout? Look in your Hive Wallet under Author Rewards to find the exact payout for your post. In the example below you would send the 0.011 HBD and 6.441 HIVE over to the @yourtop3 account as your entry fee. I’ll take it from there and convert all of the prize pool to HBD for easy prize distribution at the end of the month!


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The deadline for submitting your entry is the 9th
The deadline for sending entry fees is the 19th

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Creating Your Entry Post

You are welcome to create your own post but for your convenience I have created two different templates. The first one; a more complex version, contains some markdown/html coding creating a nice table for you to edit. The second template; for those of you not familiar with markdown/html coding, is a simpler version. In both templates, I’ve highlighted in red text where you need to edit.

  • The table version can be found here

  • The basic version can be found here

How detailed you want to go is up to you but I know you can do better than “because I like it” 😉

I have allowed our Panel members to create their own post with their own suggestions but these will NOT be entered into the contest - I forbid it! Instead the Panel’s post payouts will be used to add to the prize pool for bigger prizes.

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What Happens Next?

I will first review all submissions for eligibility.

Then all submissions will be put into a public dpoll.

Once the dpoll is complete, I’ll review the results and combine them with my patented scoring system before dishing out the prizes to the top 3!

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Any Questions? Join My Discord Server!

I have my very own Discord server where you can ask me any questions about the contest and engage with your fellow contestants! Bragging about previous victories accepted 😉 Join the fun here where there’s even more chances to win with Top 3!

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Good Luck!

All that leaves me to say is - GOOD LUCK and I look forward to reading your entries!

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