A Tale of Two Pizzas Weekly Winner(s) (Week 3)

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This week's contest took an interesting turn with each entry coming in strong and leading the story in different directions. I wont pretend I didn't love the direction all of you took! We are at a crossroads in our tale and the winner of this week's contest will have moved our story in an entirely new direction. With entries from three authors who entered in previous weeks and a new author joining in this week for the first time we continue to expand the world of the Pizza Baron!

Check out their entries here :

@jesustiano took us to the Casino Baron's lands in Salzburg Germany after the rider informed our beloved Pizza Baron that there is an olive garden there.

@onewolfe took it upon themselves to prove poor Barry's innocence and revealed to us that the Pizza Baron's agent in the Oil Baron's household is a woman who so far remains unsuspicious!

@wrestlingdesires revealed a key advantage- the Pizza Baron has access to computers, networking and weather satellites, and directed our attention to Italy where there are still olives to be harvested!

@an-man introduced us to "The Smelt" the Pizza Baron's most trusted spy, a slippery fish who brought news of a rival baron also exploring the power of Pizza, one who's reach extends to spices and herbs beyond the reach of Danny.

While I felt all four entries had strengths and weaknesses, I can only pick one as the winner!

@wrestlingdesires takes the victory this week. He took us on an interesting journey, making us feel sorry for Barry even though we know he betrayed the Pizza Baron and revealed that the Pizza Baron has a distinct advantage over his rivals. We also learned he has contact with far off parts of the world and the ability to trade internationally. This opens all kinds of doors for the storyline going forward and still makes sense in the context of our tale! Other entries moved us in a similar direction but didn't provide the context for how this could be accomplished in our post apocalyptic world!

I still feel the other entries were strong again this week and will be sending 5 PIZZA to each of you as well!

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I will work on continuing our tale and post the next section of the story and contest this evening! The tale of the Pizza Baron continues!

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