My 2021 Hive Highlight (2021.12.22)

This is a challenge by @guiltyparties.

You can make an entry to this challenge until 2021.12.27.
You can read the rules of this challenge in the following post: Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!.


Instead of highlighting one single event from this year, I am going to highlight this entire year.


To begin, I would like to mention four very supportive and very generous people.

First, I would like to mention @felixxx, because he helped me to financially get through this winter. And he is also helped/helping me by communicating with me. This also feels good. By the way, he recently started to be active again as a witness: @felixxx witness proposal.

I mention @ericvancewalton and @dswigle for similar reasons. Both of them helped me financially, and we also had very good discussions.

@nathanmars is a great inspiration. He is also very kind and supportive. He supported me greatly with discussions and with upvotes.

@jlufer is another huge inspiration for me. Nowadays he lives off of his Hive earnings.


I have three huge milestones in 2021:

Most of you know that I live with multiple disabilities, nowadays under the local minimum wage, and I am trying to get out of the financial discrimination. And I am on a good way to reach this goal, thank you to the Hive blockchain community.

So thank you so much to everyone for all the help and support I received/receive from you.

I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

I took the thumbnail photo with my Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone, and I edited the photo in Snapseed (Android application).

This is the original (unedited) version:

With the HDR-scape filter applied, without the text:

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