Hive Video Desktop IPFS dApp Release

Greetings Hivers!

We would like to soft release the desktop app for testing to the public. Please join the Speak discord - dApp pinned to the top of general, download the app and give it a try.


This is phase one of the Speak Network. This dApp allows anyone to spin up their IPFS node with ease one click. You can download other videos to your IPFS node with one click, and others can backup your videos the same way. Image support will be coming soon.

Guide to using the dApp.

There will be some minor bugs as we tweak this out, mainly making sure the IPFS hashes get inserted into the Hive blockchain, so you may see a few videos not added here and there; a fix is coming soon.

We want to work with you! We are building this dApp and incentive layer 100% for the Hive community. We want this to be a community project, so please feel free to join in if you have any ideas or feedback.

Big shout out to @vaultec & @sisygoboom & @gotgame for helping build this open-source desktop app & @good-karma for helping with some minor fixes.

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