Believe in numbers / Hive power up(01.07.21)

Humans believe in numbers. In the
East and the West, the belief in
numbers is the same. In the West,
the number 13 is considered
unlucky and 7 is lucky. These are
what I've heard. True or false I do
not know.

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Also in Myanmar the number 9 is
considered lucky and 14 is unlucky.
Myanmar people often express love
in numbers. Girlfriend and
boyfriend Love is 1500 and friend
and parents love is 528.

Today is as a HPUDs day and I
considered for Hive Power up.
By believing in the numbers, I made
my hive power 528 to bring good
luck to me.

Before Hive Power


After Hive Power Up


Little by little alittle become a lot

How do you think?

Do you believe in numbers?

Thank You

Post creator : @myanmarkoko
From : Myanmar
Name: KoKoMoeHein

Jul 01 2021

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