Hivesearcher development #2

Few days ago, we have posted Summary of the Work done during Previous Hivesearcher proposal.

There's still so much we want to do with Hivesearcher and make it better so entire ecosystem can thrive and offer best discovery features, hence this new proposal is to support our future work on this service.


DHF proposal #2

This proposal will start from 15th of December, we intentionally left gap of couple weeks to gather some feedback from community and dapp devs. On top of monthly server costs, here is list of what we are planning to work on next.

  • Improve search ranking algorithm
  • Re-index with new algorithm on different clusters
  • Improve Hivesearcher website to showcase power of search engine with filters similar to Google
  • Explore media content filtering options (video content, image content, text content, body length related filtering)
  • Create custom, flexible feeds from indexed data, (e.g. top posts of past month, top posts of past year, top comments of past month, etc.)
  • Document extra use cases (iframe integration, filtering data and detailed examples for developers to copy-paste or try)
  • Extend and document usability of path finder feature and followers/following search features.

Integration guide:
Source website:
Source plugin:

Currently Hivesearcher is used by these Dapps:,, and D.Buzz.


Daily: 70 HBD
Monthly: 2100 HBD

Labor (Development+Management): ~35 hours per month, 1100 HBD
Recurring costs (Servers): ~$1000, ~1000 HBD


@good-karma - management
@talhasch - backend
@dunsky - design

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