RE: Bye Hive

Blocktrades even suggested I leave social media as a whole

To save time for anyone who wants to know exactly what I actually said, here's the relevant portion of the thread:

If you don't have the time to read it, here are some of the highlights:
I gave her advice on how to mute her troller, something she totally ignored. In case that wasn't enough of a solution for her, @stellabelle and I both explained show she could use her own community to control the message on her own posts, which she ignored.

I explained that this is a decentralized platform and its main goal is to avoid centralized censorship, and that goal is more important than just growth at any cost. Again, not something she seemed to want to discuss.

My overall take on the conversation is that she didn't want to talk about the platform, she wanted to talk about how she was being personally attacked here. Which is really baffling to me, because it's almost impossible not to talk to many semi-anonymous people on the internet and not get attacked at some point.

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