RE: Your Slack Has More Than One Leak

Well, you've been attacking Hive because it has a well-known troll who you keep feeding. It's kind of ridiculous to attack the entire platform because of him, in my opinion. And a lot of people who were initially sympathetic to you (because they've been in troll wars with him too), started to lose sympathy for you at that point. A lot started to believe that your primary motivation was attention rather than honest conversation.

I'm a bit more on the fence and have been willing to see it more as a misunderstanding about the platform than an attention play (mainly because I don't see how such attention will even benefit you).

So let me briefly address your point: while some people have definitely been driven away by bernie, it's not many, in the relative scheme of things. That should be obvious from looking at retention rates: bernie can't even begin to interact with that many people. Bernie can mostly drive away people who can't tolerate foul language and pornographic images (and despite his talk that he's driven many away, surprisingly few leave because of him despite how obnoxious he can be).

This platform is actually designed to prevent people from being censored, just because their speech may be offensive to others. One of it's key "selling points" is that we don't censor here.

But there is a simple solution: you can mute any accounts you want, and you won't see their messages any more. Now bernie actually has several accounts, but if you look at the downvotes on your early posts, they should be pretty easy to identify. On your later posts, you may be finding other accounts though, as you're going to just tick people off if you try to conflate bernie sanders = leaders of Hive. There is no leader, here, including me, who many people wrongly do ascribe as the leader. If you needed ample evidence of that, you can see it in your getting kicked of that slack after I invited you in.

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