Sin - Part 2 (Short Story)

Here we go, this is a story I'm writing as part of NaNoWriMo, which is a month-long event where writers from around the world focus on writing each day of the month of November in order to finish, or create a piece of fiction.

I did start this story before November but decided to use this month to try and get this one finished, or at least get a good bit of it written.

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Sin - Part 1


       The music resonated from the heart of the venue. A repetitive bass thud drew him closer, as it did every degenerate that dwelled in this place. Recreational drug users, substance abusers; addicts, easy-goers, fiends; every type of scum known to Talirda. M'Trada found it oddly heartwarming that all of this lot could find some sort of unity here. There was rarely trouble, but there were some issues that arose occasionally. Shoni.
       The Doshan known as Shoni was one such person that he and Mari had some trouble with, and it was enough to put a slight dampener on their night. Their last night with Andron.
       Sin's inner hallway was relatively packed, and he and Andron needed to squeeze passed a few people, but due to the Human's shyness, M'Trada took over. It wasn't that he was particularly rough, shoving people out of the way with force, no, he was just a little bit more outgoing. A light brush of the back or a touch of a shoulder was usually the easy way of making your presence known in situations such as this. Each person turned briefly and gave the nod that said, "Sorry, work away." Messed-up faces, and warm embraces. The odd power struggle where someone would stand up straight and step forward, making it almost impossible to pass without brushing off each other. A swift elbow to the ribs was enough to settle them down. Show-offs and troublemakers didn't last long around here, but it wasn't M'Trada's job to remove the sparkle from their eyes; no, that was for someone else.
       The music got louder, and the main hall opened up to reveal lights that shun brighter than the streets outside. An array of colours shifting sporadically and in sync with the music. It beckoned everyone to move with them, and move they did, lost in their chaotic dance. Through an opening, he could see Mari moving as she usually did, lost in a trance-like state, laughing, smiling into thin air. This was one of the few times he saw her at peace. That is until she has another episode of hers and starts trying to blast the place.

       Turning to Andron to see his reaction brought a slim smile to his face. He was lost staring into oblivion. He had an uncertain look on his face, but that only concealed an expression that said he understood now, and that he, in fact, loved it already.
       "M'Trada, what's going on you slimy reptile!" He heard shouting from his left side and turned to see someone he wasn't too excited to clock eyes with. Crovin Armiger.
       He hoped that his expression didn't give his true feelings away, but by the quick shift in Crovin's eyes, he knew it did.
       "Crovin," M'Trada said, but before he could continue with a greeting the Alid gestured to his ears and pointed away, asking M'Trada to follow him. He nodded and then glanced at Andron who seemed lost. "Mari," he said as he pointed to her. Andron mouthed the word, 'what?' So he pointed again, forcing the Human to follow his finger. "Mari, she's there, go over to her, I'll be over in a minute." He said into Andron's ear, who nodded slowly, and when he spotted her his eyes lit up and he gave a thumbs up. The universal sign for, 'got it.'
       Happy to not leave the Human completely alone, he continued to be led by the Alid. Crovin was tall, but most of his height was neck only. A thin neck that would be easy to snap if he needed to. He wore a large suit of armour, that was thick and invasive. People could see him coming from a while away and moved quickly as he shambled past. Alid were thin gangly creatures, who were so shy about their size, that they bulked up in heavy suits of armour which made them seem a little bit more intimidating. It didn't though, not to M'Trada anyway, it made them slow, lumbering, and awkward. The suits were more of a cultural thing, and something that most Alid were known for, especially those who did work that didn't revolve around an office.

       The music got quieter and quieter until they passed through a side door which, when closed behind him, cut the music out almost entirely, until nothing was left but the ever-present bass thuds.

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