A Night In The Western Wastes - Part 4 (Short Story)

This is a story about three friends, who are a mission for revenge, however, the main character is being left in the dark about why they're on the hunt.

It has been a good chance to explore some more of The Western Wastes of Talirda, which is the capital city, of the world Jex, which is the capital planet of Free Space.

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       The roar of wind completely took over Andron's mind, until M'Trada clicked one of the buttons on the main console between the two of them. As he did, an invisible force field grew around them, enveloping the open top of the transport ship. They were cocooned in a buddle that occasionally shimmered with blue light. Once it took full effect the sound of the wind was almost completely gone, but still present in the background.
       "Where are you heading?" M'Trada asked, glancing back at the Mulu.
       "Me? Well, I'm going to Big Bima's place." He replied, and as he did Mari shifted in her seat.
       "Big Bima's?" M'Trada asked in a low voice. "Do you work there or something?"
       "Work there, no, not exactly anyway. I drink there, and occasionally do a few things for him." The Mulu replied and looked out the side of the transport as the lights flew passed them. "Do you ever frequent the place?" He asked, and Andron turned in his seat so he could see the Mulu with the occasional red blur of light streaking across his face.
       "No, I don't think I've ever been there." Andron said, "I do recognise the name though."
       "Everyone knows the name around here, and I'm sure in the wider Talirda area." The Mulu said with a slight concealed smirk. "How about you, do you ever find yourself in nasty places?" The Mulu quickly turned his attention to Mari sitting beside him.

       "She's, a bit quiet," M'Trada interjected, and Andron could see the Mulu's hand slide closer to her along the seat. "No, we wouldn't find ourselves there much,"
       "Once," Mari said, quietly.
       "Yeah, once, and it wasn't really our kind of place." M'Trada finished.
       "It's not really for the faint-hearted. Some of the things I've seen go on there, I mean, it can be pretty nasty." The Mulu said as he leaned forward; one of its eyes almost touching M'Trada's head. "I like a quiet drink, and I'm all for the occasional party. But, the violence, that's not really my thing. Everything for the right reason, I suppose, although, something tells me that Bima's lot don't need much of a reason for any of their actions."
       "Ever hear of a Dosha called, Shoni? He's a Gank dealer, usually, he hangs out at Sin." Mari asked loudly, having found her voice.
       "Shoni? The name doesn't ring a bell, but I know a couple of people to get Gank off, any specifics?" The Mulu asked but sounded slightly uncomfortable. "I don't really go to Sin that often, it's a bit too clean for scum like me."
       "He gets around to a few places, Bima's place is surely a bar he'd hang out in on certain days," M'Trada said.
       "Why do you want him?" The Mulu asked suspiciously.
       "We're looking for some Gank," The Trisken replied, "he's a friend too, just haven't seen him in a while."
       "If he were a friend, surely you'd be able to contact him yourself." The Mulu responded, as one of its eyes darted around. "Let me off here, I'll make my own way to Bima's."

       Andron looked back at the Trisken, who made no effort to descend. Instead, he threw a slight glance back at Mari, out of eyeshot of the Mulu, who was looking at this point, far more uncomfortable than he previously had been.
       The was a sudden rustle of fabric, and Mari unholstered her weapon, Nippy. "Tell us where he is!" She shouted, with her gun aimed directly at the Mulu.
       "I don't know him, and I don't know where he is. It's a big city, now put that away before you get hurt." The Mulu responded calmly, as he dug around for a moment in his own pocket.
       A moment later, he produced a pistol and aimed it at the back of M'Trada's head. Mari shook slightly as she continued to aim the gun at the Mulu, whose eyes were now focused on each of them simultaneously.
       "Put it down now, or the driver gets a bit more open-minded." He replied.
       "You first," Mari responded.

       Andron looked at the Trisken, and then the Mulu, and back to the waist back of the Trisken, which concealed a weapon that he was in the process of slowly removing from his belt. An eye peeked at him, as it darted back to the controls of the transporter. He knew what M'Trada wanted, but didn't feel comfortable flying it.
       The Trisken counted down in silence, using his fingers. Three. Two. One. He dived to the side and swiped the pistol away from his head. It fired blindly beside him. Andron dived forward, grabbing the handle of the ship. It banked left, turning his stomach. M'Trada briefly staggered, as he struggled with the Mulu. In the fight, Andron was kneed in the back. Mari started shouting and fired her weapon. Click. Nothing happened. He could hear the fumbling of magazines. Andron tried to focus on the clear skies ahead and did all he could to keep the ship steady. While focusing on the buildings flanking them, and the ships above he heard a shot. Then another.
       In an instant, the scuffle seemed to be over and he heard the slump of a dead weight in the back of the transporter. M'Trada then brushed against his arm, as he took back control of the ship. Andron slid back to his seat, and looked in the back at the dead Mulu on the floor of the ship, and he watched as Mari angrily reloaded her weapon.

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