My hive dreams

As each day goes by, I'm spurred by my innate desires to delve deeper into the depths of hive. I actually don't know a whole lot about hive, although at some point I thought I did, and perhaps this is what keeps pushing me beyond my boundaries to explore more and more.

If there's one thing I aim at achieving, it's to get enough upvotes through my incessant writing, enough upvotes that'll boost my reputation from about 61 to 70, and generate a good amount of hive power that'd increase my voting value to reasonable extent. I know many may wonder why and ask a lot of questions, but the truth is, I have a big aim in hive, a vision, a dream, one that is achievable although it may seem tough.

Well, I'd love to get to that reputation to prove my worth to hive, to show to the hive community that yes! I worked my way into becoming that person that I hope to be in the nearest future. This isn't just because I want to feel among the top people on this web3 Blockchain but because I hope to use it as a foundation to start a community that I've always wished was in hive. Guess what community this is? It is none other than a "dance" community. Yeah you heard me right, a dance community!


Why Do I want this?

I'm a die-hard lover of dance who's tried exploring hive in search of a community strictly meant to encourage only dancers but I've found none. I've posted some of my dance videos in some communities but they weren't rewarded as they were meant to be. In fact, some weren't rewarded at all. The only dance video of mine that got recognized was the one I posted yesterday, which was slightly encouraging check out the video

I feel like entertainment is something that should be welcomed with a warm embrace on this hive platform. It'll bring lots of people, especially dancers to hive. It'll increase the engagements and participation in hive; let's take a look at the vibes community... now that's the kind of projects that should be ongoing in Hive, a project with prospect and relevance.

How do I hope to achieve this?

For this fantasized project of mine to become a reality, I first of all need to show to the community that I'm ready and prepared to handle a project as big as that, and how else do I make tham realize the fact that I'm ready to handle it if not a good reputation which shows I've been active for a while on Hive. And a good reputation is based on the amount of upvotes we've gotten on Hive, I hope I'm correct though! So yeah, it's what I think it is, I'll show my relevance on Hive by attracting lots of upvotes and accumulated Hp, then I'll follow the necessary procedures to actualise it while seeking the support of curation teams.

Why do I feel I'm capable

Having some great experience in dancing puts me on an edge. I feel I can recruit, and create opportunities for new dancers and lovers of dancing. All I want is to have a niche where people like me can immerse themselves into. A community that can embrace the things we love doing... A community every dancer can call home!

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