Today I meet the very big Harpo.

Today I visit the house of my friend Elena, she was at work and ask me to control her cats.
She don't have only a cat, she have four cats.

So when I entered at her's place I found that little cats faces all around me.




All cats are super cool, one is cannella the most fat brown, the others are smusci, the Grey one, perec the slim one and the superstar Harpo.

HARPO is a very friendly cat and he likes attentions.
He like being the star of the show.
He is the blac k and white one, he 8s quite far and big, was quite hard hug him but he is truly so lovely..
Impossible to resist.
I love cats so when I entered there I feel like I am on heaven.
So many cats, so much joy.
Cats really bring a lot of joy to me.
Harpo was so happy to be in the main photo..
I also shared him on social media and everyone loves him, he received a lot of likes