Sit-out Experience On Market Friday

It's another opportunity to share my market experience in the #MarketFriday by @dswigle and here is mine
This is a sitout in my community called FEELINGS and because it's a Friday evening and ofcourse the weekend, I decided to hang out with a few of my friends.
We sighted a stand that had barbecue fish which was between 3-6$ (2000-3500ngn)

We purchased 2 fishes at 3$ each (2000ngn)

It was served with chips, coleslaw and tomato paste. The taste was heavenly as we devoured graciously.
We also had a round of smirnoff ice which was 7 cents(400ngn) for each bottle and we had 6 bottles.
The evening is still young and we decided to complement our table with more barbecue chicken with roasted plantain.


They looked really beautiful and I felt it would taste nice so we patronized the chicken vendor. He had different prices and of course different sizes ranging from 5-9 cents (250-500ngn) while the roasted plantain went for 3 cents (150ngn). We purchased chicken worth 3$ (1700ngn) and 1.3$ (750ngn). The vendor had a special sauce for the chips which we were served with and it tasted really awesome.

We had another round of drinks, this time star radler which was lesser about 6 cents(350ngn).
I had so much to eat that I was filled up but most importantly I got to spend time with my friends being that I would travel soon.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my market experience with this community.

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