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Hello everyone!!! Today is Friday, which means we will talk about our purchases on #MarketFriday by @dswigle! (see details here: @dswigle/what-can-you-buy-for-dollar1000-in-your-market-friday)
If I decide to write a post about what I can buy for 10 dollars in my country, this post will be very short. Because for 10 dollars I can take two cups of coffee for example. Here they are:


We bought this coffee in one of the cafes in Tel Aviv, which are located on the territory of the Old Port.

We have never been there before. It turned out that someone came up with a brilliant idea to convert huge hangars no longer needed in the old port, which no one has been using for a long time, into an entertainment center with cafes, restaurants and shops.



The addresses of these establishments look very unusual: Old Port 45, for example. This means that on the territory of the port you need to look for a hangar at number 45.

I like the color of the Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore, before drinking a cup of coffee, my husband and I took a short walk along the embankment. The weather was wonderful and I didn't want to sit in the indoor cafe. Therefore, we were looking for a pleasant, not crowded cafe where you can sit outside in pleasure. And found! I want to show you inside.


We liked that everything was clean and tidy. The young guy worked there alone. While he was making coffee for us, I take pictures.


You can order ice cream with a large selection of toppings.


I've always loved ice cream, but now I can't eat it 😭

And even more I loved cookies with ice cream in the form of a sandwich. I do not write you the price of this because it costs far from 10 dollars 🙈


Do you love syringes? Not? What about those? 😂


I would not refuse such a syringe if I could eat it 😀 Our coffee is ready! It remains to take sugar. You can choose white sugar or brown sugar, whichever you like.

We love brown sugar.

This is my coffee. It's called Americano! This is espresso diluted with boiling water.

My husband loves coffee with milk. It's called here - Afukh. These two coffees are costs 10 dollars.
For $10 more in the summer, I can buy five stunning roses! We bought this bouquet for my girlfriend, to whom we are going to visit right now!

In winter, roses are much more expensive.

(all photos are taken by me)

Take care of yourself and be healthy!!

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