📷 Marketfriday: pottery and something else

Have a nice day! Here it is again pyatitsa and we are going to the fair with you :-) Do you like original clay products? Of course, these are not only cups or dishes, but also various souvenirs and interior decorations. Now there are a lot of clay products everywhere and everyone is so different...

At fairs in the Kuban, along with clay products, you can see a lot of all kinds of souvenirs and useful goods... These are gift bottles and paintings for the interior for every taste and color.

I really liked the cups. You are unlikely to buy these in stores.

Each one has some kind of toy or animal on it. You can also make a funny figure for the mood on spoons.

Look at this master who created the creation right before our eyes. Those who wished could immediately order for themselves an exclusive character or just a vase for the interior...

It was possible to pick up candles. The choice here was simply huge.

But can you guess what it is?

There was once a time when a piece of this product was given to us by coupons. It's good that this time is already far behind.

We couldn't even imagine such a variety before.

And what did you like the most?

  • Have a wonderful Friday everyone and if you have some interesting market-related photos, go ahead and submit them in the #MarketFriday tag and link to your article in the Express post by @dswigle.

But of course there will be flowers, how can there be without them :-)

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