Super Remate - Amazon Returns Store

On a typical Friday, I will take one of the kids with me to run errands. We always hit up the Organic Veggie Market and usually go to a grocery store or two. Usually they also want to go to our favorite Amazon returns store called Super Remate.

Today was my 12 year old's turn. He let me know this morning he wanted to go to Super Remate and see if they had anything!

This store has been around for a few years now and it can either be amazing or terrible. That's the thrill of shopping there - you never know what you're going to find. Will it be a treasure day or a bust?

I have gone in before and found some pretty amazing stuff. All of the items are returns to either Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohls, eBay, or the like. So literally, there can be anything from candles to pizza cutters to chicken feeders to cleaning supplies to underwear to political hats to USA flags to Christmas decorations (always a season off) to phone cases to so much more than I could even list here!

The store used to be super cheap. They would dump huge bags on the tables and you could spend hours digging through them. Sometimes they would have these items for 6/$1! Lately, they keep the price of these tables around $1.50-$3 each.

When they get items, they dump them out on the tables and have the price hanging on the ceiling. Sometimes the price is written on the box, but there usually is a discount. A lot of time the plain brown boxes are unopened, so it can be annoying to have to open stuff up to see what is in it! A lot of time people ask me what something says or what it is used for. So many weird things come off of Amazon!

I have found great birthday and Christmas presents before - Legos, Barbie, Our Generation dolls (for $5), Fiestaware glasses, cotton fabric, DVDs, books, and more. Sometimes I'll see what the price on Amazon is to compare it to what they are asking for it.

Today was kind of a blah day. I ended up with 6 rolls of painters tape for $8 (they are $3 a roll at the hardware store here). My son really wanted to find something, so he kept digging through the boxes, but nothing worth buying was found! We spent a good 45 minutes in there today, which is not an abnormal amount of time!

There are 4 of these stores in our area, but only one in our town. It's a pretty interesting place and the people who work there are friendly.

#MarketFriday by @dswigle

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