Entering The Weed Game For Fun & Buds - HK Report #001

I decided I wanted a little extra activity here on Hive for the days I don't want to make content but want to remain actively earning or losing tokens.

I chose Magi Shaggi or officially known as Magical Shaggi for 5.9 Hive.

You need an avatar to play and what better to have then a little bit of Magic on my side.

Magi Shaggi.png

Next I need some land to grow my weed to produce some BUDS, which currently cost about 0.00028276 Hive per BUD and my first harvest of Aceh strain yielded 5753 BUDS worth approx. 1.62 Hive which I can harvest these seeds every day but they currently cost 2.95 Hive to buy and 6 Hive to rent the plot for the month.

As I write this you can currently buy water for 0.00005300 each and you need 7550 to 8000 water for a batch of Aceh seeds or .4 to .424 Hive for watering.

I used a post from @linkxdx named Hashkings para Dummies😁 / Hashkings For Dummies. 😁
as a reference to get me started in the game.

Trying To Figure Out The Numbers


Plot Purchase Price 350 Hive
Rental per month 6 Hive
Rental daily cost in .2 Hive

Aceh seeds are 2.95 Hive daily to produce 5753+/-

Thai seeds cost 2 Hive produce about 7500 BUDS every 2 days.
Chocolate Thai costs about 2 Hive to produce 7000 BUDS every 2 days.

I project by using Thai seeds I will produce around 110,000 Buds with a projected value of 31.5 Hive. If you check my numbers you will see I round up and down as prices do fluctuate in the market.

Total Costs

Plot of land: 6 Hive
Seeds: 30 Hive
Water: 6 Hive
Total Cost: 42 Hive


No worries as anything has a learning curve and my cheapest lessons are diving in head first and figuring it out on the fly.

At these current rates this strategy appears to be a loser.


I will work it and keep an eye on the market to reduce costs.

Prices are at market rates so you need to shop and buy when cost is lowest on a per BUDS basis.

Moving Forward

I will analize my bought plots verse rented plot strategies.

My long term strategy is to create a self sufficient system of owning all facets of production I need.

I bought plots, one in Mexico and one in South America.

I also purchased a Level 2 Water Tower but each time I try to upgrade it says I am not at a high enough LVL...WTF?

The message reads I am not at a high enough LVL to upgrade.


I know I need water as does everyone else so I will purchase a Level 6 Water Tower that should produce around 2590 HKWATER per week plus I have a Level 2 Water Tower that produces another 686 HKWATER per week.

I just placed a limit order for HKWATER at 0.00004599 and that will give me enough water to plant the 4 Thai seed packets I have in inventory.

This should save me about .16 Hive per month.

I am considering just not farming the other rentals but I will run the numbers and make my decision after I consider the totallity of strategy.

Owning Assets Is The Way Forward.

My Mexican Plot

I just purchase two more Alcapulco Gold seed packs.

Screen Shot 20220910 at 10.07.42 AM.png

That works out to be .0001376 per bud (.144H/1046) with current sell oders at 0.00025 and buy orders starting at 0.00027.

Avg. out at .00026 value times 1046 0.27196 Hive

Water needed for harvest is 1824 for the two harvests which values at .0912 Hive and that leaves me surplus for my South America finca.

I Also purchased a month supply of seeds for my South American plot.

2 Columbian Gold will yield 586 BUDS puchased at .012 Hive each for .024 Hive total and 2 Panama Red at the same price and quatity that yields 422 Buds.

I will need a total of 2128 in HKWATER in order to harvest.

I think I need to increase my water supply..SMH...way to many numbers...LOL

Current Assets And Needs For Operation

I have two plots of land, one in Mexico and the other in South America.

I will need approx. 6800 HKWATER per month and I have Water Towers that produce Level 2: 98 per day and Level 6: 370 HKWATER per day for a total of 14040 of HKWATER per month.

I think my best approach is to harvest what I can on the land rentals and when they are finished convert those BUDS into new plots to use up the extra HKWATER that is produced.

Now I need to study about these wars...any idea where to start my research?

I will post my Hash King content exclusively to the WeedCash.Network.

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