Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle


"Purple Urkle" in a sea of "Kaboom!"

Commercially, Purple Urkle is one of the most profitable heavy indicas you can grow indoors. She tests over 28% constantly, and is oozing with terps that give it a fruity smell that overtakes the other flower on the shelf. Obviously she is is one of the darkest purple varieties around, so especially here in Az where purps are little rarer, Urkle stands out on the shelf filled with even the dankest. You can command top shelf prices, and demand easily.

On top of this, the trim is almost as good as the flower. Frosty, and loaded with almost as much terps as the nug. This is perfect for top shelf extracts like live resin. Some extractors will pay as much as $500 a lb for fresh, and sealed trim of this quality.

The canopy in the back is "Kaboom!" I believe. This is also a profitable flavor. As the name implies, Kaboom gives explosive yields and grows quickly. only tested around 15% or so, but was still a profitable staple, and leaves loads of trim for extracts.

Thanks for checking her out! Havin a blast getting to know everyone!


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