Stash pass winners + giveaways & more

Announcing #stashpass raffle winners for July, then go over a few P2E games with updates, & a NFT giveaway chaser for readers to participate in.

Prizes for this months #stashpass raffle winners are from Hashkings, Splinterlands, & Rising Star collections respectively.

I encourage winners & readers both to check out these HIVE play to earn games via the links above.

Stash pass winners

Those unaware #stashpass is a NFT colection on Weedcash created by yours truly, each month I randomly select from the #stashpass colection 3 NFTs. Owning one or both of the pass NFTs needed to participate & the NFTs selected can qualify the owner to win raffle prizes for that month.

Full instructions below.

Now VIP passes allow owners participating in the monthly raffle to win 1 prize for every #stashpass NFT selected they own excluding duplicates.

Owning the standard pass users have to own all 3 NFTs announced to win, with the VIP pass 1 NFT of 3 gets the smaller prize 2 NFTs out of 3 2 out of 3 prizes will be won (runner up) 3 out of 3 with either pass gets the grand prize.

The #stashpass NFTs shown above are the #stashpass NFTs randomly selected for Julys raffle.

If you own both passes & the 3 NFTs called you win 2 grand prizes馃

For this month I am giving away Rising Star NFTs

1st 鈽濓笍 of the 3 prizes owning a VIP pass & 1 of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected nets you one or any winners that have more then 1 of the 3 selected will still receive 1 as well.

2nd of the 3 Prizes for this month a Hashkings avatar, with this users can earn BUDS daily via Raids. Received with grand prize winners or those owning 2 of 3 selected #stashpass NFTs + VIP pass.

Grand Prize winners for the July #stashpass raffle that own a pass & 3 out of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected get Splinterlands NFTs.

Either card(s) for Splinterlands players or SPT NFTs for those not playing Splinterlands.

VIP Very Important Pothead #stashpass holders

Price:500 WEED

VIP pass holders enjoy the best odds of winning prizes in the #stashpass raffle requiring simply 1 of the 3 NFTs to qualify for a prize.

Standard pass holders Cost 50 WEED


The base pass in #stashpass is much cheaper 1/10th the price however users are required to own all 3 selected NFTs to win.

However users that own both passes & all 3 NFTs selected get double prizes.

Winning NFTs

Users with the correct passes that own the 3 #stashpass NFTs shown above are this months lucky winners.

First NFT (W E E D C A S H)


Second NFT Pitbull Pot (Featuring my rescue Pitbull's Oreo the larger one & Vinny the puppy)


NFT number 3 Flaming Ninjas All around you (No one knows who FSR even is)


Stunning upset here as we have 2 2x Grand prize winners!

Tae my indeed, as these 2 lucky #stashpass collectors get 6 separate NFT prizes each, some lucky VIP pass holders have a few prizes as well transactions below...

VIP pass Holders with 1 of 3 NFTs owned

VIP Pass Holders with 2 of 3 NFTs owned

Either pass Holder with 3 of 3 NFTs owned

The Grand Prize winners today @silver-edge / @allonyx.ngs are both Splinterlands players with Spell books, I check before I send the NFTs.
In the event a raffle winner of Splinterlands NFTs isn't a player they would instead be sent Splintertalk NFTs which can still be sold or traded.

Our Grand prize winners today owned both passes & all 3 NFTs so they have also been sent.

As I said before our Grand Prize winners play Splinterlands, I will note however I sent different NFTs for their secondary grand prizes. Figure they win 2x why give them duplicates better to mix it up.

I Started this manual Snapshot at 8:00 am EDT, if you had the NFTs selected & didn't get mentioned let me know via comments. Those who have been listed as winners, let me know if your missing any prizes mentioned, though according to my records they have all been sent.

WAX P2E Game updates

I have been busy with work as of late so I haven't had time to post about many new P2E game updates for titles I covered previously.

Particularly Beast Gardens & NFT Panda 2 WAX P2E games have been radically updated recently.

Beast Gardens- A WAX P2E game is a hybridization of a RPG style game & TCG style game.

One thing setting Beast Gardens apart is the ability to evolve your beast card NFTs, in addition to new Beast evolutions Beast Gardens just began series 2 pack production & sale.

Users can purchase these via the in game auction market using BGALPHA a WAX alt.

Users can also craft packs & NFTs in game.

Here is where I have to give props to Beast Gardens for 400 IQ + Idea.

Beast Gardens just introduced these Potion NFTs

According to the potion NFT description quote- Burn this potion to receive 100 WAX in CPU for 7 days. The amount of liquid in the bottle indicates how much of our CPU is currently available.

Why does the CPU rental potion have me singing such praises?

Simple the CPU usage is the biggest hurdle for WAX P2E games, limiting the number of wallet conformations players get a day. Now players can play Beast Gardens craft these potions & use the CPU to play all the WAX P2E games.

Beast gardens even has a lazy PvP game type where players set their line up & then allow the game to match them randomly 1 match a day. Winning either lazy PvP or Active matches earns the player BGALPHA the same BGALPHA used to craft the CPU potion.

For many reasons when just looking at WAX P2E Beast Gardens is my personal favorite. Splinterlands is a HIVE P2E not a WAX P2E other wise that would be my favorite.

NFT Panda- Ease of use update for the WAX P2E game NFT panda which allows users to now run multiple missions with several heroes with a single wallet conformation.

Basically like Hashkings NFT Panda use to be tedious & time consuming, not to mention murder on WAX wallet resources.

With these ease of use changes these 2 games have become much more profitable, not that they where bad before they simply got much better.

Not all that glimmers is gold

I have some space to kill so I'm going to add Splinterlands tips to the write up.

Specifically lets look at a recent match that proves just because you use cheap cards you can still win.

My cards on the top your average cheap rentals 1 Gold card & 1 legendary card v.s the opponent on the bottom whom used all gold cards most are legendary.

My opponent played cards with the current market value of over $86,000 USD all together.

Meanwhile I spent around $2 to rent all of mine for the season, nothing special so who do you think wins?

They actually messed up in a really basic way, they ignored the match ruleset.

The ruleset allowing Mele attackers to attack from any position is why my seemingly outclassed cards took the win.

Goes to show you dont have to break the bank on Splinterlands, just play smarter not harder. Dont rent the flashy cards everyone wants rent good enough or functional instead of the more popular cards its cheaper & opponents dont expect it.

This was a Wild Match type as it where not obvious, there are no good or bad cards just cards better in some situations then others.

Simply understanding how to best utilize ones own resources in a manor that best suites your play style.

While those that simply dont care for TCG style games like Splinterlands, I get it Splinterlands can require quite a bit of your time.

For you Splinterlands collectors that got into this game for the SPS airdrop but simply dont play the game, dont worry about the SPS airdrop ending just change your Splinterlands portfolio investment tactics.

Renting out cards will be far more profitable then it has been previously, the trick to renting cards for a higher profit is the Cards level.

The Rewards Cards for instance are cheap to get at level 10 but dont rent for much DEC daily. I will point out though not a large daily revenue source card rentals are consistent with my level 10 cards almost never unrented.

Further more certain rentals are highly sought after & necessary for most serious players Summoners.

For instance General Sloan whom is currently the cheapest summoner you can buy literally doesn't have a level 8 currently available to rent.

Meaning you can literally corner this market one that has the most consistent daily revenue at around 200 + DEC a day.

It appears Splinterlands Devs are currently in the process of increasing the average DEC price, DEC having taken several hits lately from both the market crashes & the SPS airdrop ending.

According to this 馃憞 recent post by Splinterlands...

The short term plan is to switch SPS for DEC as the reward for winning ranked matches, many are fearful this will negatively effect the SPS price.

Perhaps SPS will see a brief decrease in price but the Devs know what they are doing & between SPS delegation / Rift watchers packs SPS demand should drastically increase.

My next tip is to participate in the Splinterlands blogging challenges / contests, you can actually make quite a bit of colterol to invest by doing this.

Particularly I like their social media challenges as I rave about this P2E all the time already.

I never like to tell individuals to invest anything out of pocket, using HIVE to pay for a Splinterlands portfolio is by far the better option.

HIVE blockchain works best when used as a singular tool no one part is better then HIVE as a group.

Last Splinterlands market tip use the site cardauctions a HIVE Splinterlands NFT market.

Cash back never hurts & buying several cards at 1 time is made so much easier then doing so in game.
Splinterlands has recently posted again concerning SPS being implemented as a ranked match reward.

ECR Standing for the players energy capture rate will be noticeably changed soon details above.

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief as they are going to start several SPS earning mechanisms when the SPS airdrop ends in 6 days at time of writing.

Updates a plenty in the glorious P2E game Splinterlands, I'm certain we haven't seen anything yet.

A SPS faucet
Splinterlands referral


Another raffle down for the #stashpass colection Congrats to this months winners If you where mentioned & did not receive the Prizes Specified please let me know in the comments.

I am happy to report that #stashpass is one of most popular NFT collections on Weedcash with sales totaling near 500 NFTs in a little over 4 months.

There are still many raffles left to go between here & 5/20/2023 #stashpass is a project I intended to run at a deficit to promote Weedcash + help new HIVE users.

Honestly a big thanks to everyone for supporting #stashpass, like always ill be paying it forward, giving back to the #stashpass collectors & HIVE.

If your interested in how to participate in #stashpasses upcoming raffles instructions can be found here.

2 New #stashpass NFTs get minted in severely limited quantities every Sunday you can buy sell or view Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here.

Even If you hate cannabis I truly appreciate people just taking part in my #stashpass project just to win monthly prizes, more #stashpass customers there are the greater my prizes & giveaways get.

Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass re bought or sold with 馃憜 WEED a HIVE alt.

Here's something I think I should point out is how cheap it is to participate in #stashpass raffles at the current market price of $0.003 for WEED & the most expensive #stashpass NFT the VIP pass being 500 WEED.

This means a VIP pass will only run you $1.50 USD each sold #stashpass NFT used to decide raffle winners cost $0.03 USD or 10 WEED.

Fina;;y I give away 1/2 of all #stashpass NFTs created on my HIVE
Post giveaways.

So for around $2 you can participate in the monthly #stashpass raffles until 5/21/2023.

WAX NFT Giveaways

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX NFT airdrop

The NFTs given away to todays lucky reader work with these play to earn games.

WAX P2E games require system resources like CPU to play, great news for todays lucky reader as they just got 7 days worth of CPU via the CPU potion shown above, to play the games with their new NFTs.

My generosity continues by allowing the first 5 readers that comment their WAX wallet address to receive a WAX NFT as well.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

Big thanks to all the supporters of #stashpass!

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