Cannabis crypto & the many atomic hubs


Some what of a mixed write up today Hashkings is finally getting a tutorial as our cannabis crypto appear to be on the rise. Then atomic hub in its many forms getting a overview as I'm finally becoming more acquainted with the EOS version.

Also ran by the dispensary today so I got a bud unboxing later on in the write up but first thing is first a look into the cannabis crypto of Hive.

Cannabis crypto

Now there is a few reasons as to why the BUD & other hashkings crypto has been on the rise the price surprising me is WEED. As many of you may or may not know HIVE and its alt coins on the HIVE Block chain have been struggling as of late to keep their prices up.

What I think is going on with the WEED prices is actually quite simplistic but would be a great thing if correct. The reason I believe the WEED price is back to the price before everything crashed is the motivation of their user base.

Many of the hive blogs use a variation on the PoB Proof of Brain system based of a DPoS Delegated Proof of Stake Blockchain. To be specific a EOSIO variant like HIVE, WEED, WAXP, or so many more examples ill never be able to list them.

What makes WEED stand out to me is the real world use case IE their store combined with the finite number of WEED tokens available. This system is already impressive enough before you consider this Blog is unlike the other hive blogs.

Other Hive blogs tend to have a finite focus outside of profit motive, this can be problematic but in the case of Weedcash its user base seems to be genuinely there to interact with one another. Granted we are stoned I for one space a lot as there is only so many hours in a day.

However I genuinely read alot of the content on weedcash as marijuana and crypto hobbies I had before I joined.

While Leo finance or proof of Brain had a spike then fell which to me screams profit motive as is the case with many of the blogs here unless its a hobby. This I believe why WEED is doing better its a more genuine interest from their user base.

Now I'm sure Hive has users with a genuine interest over all but the % of genuinely interested users is less the weedcash is my assumption.
Hash Kings
Now Hash kings is looking damn profitable, always been routing for this project but they have had a rough time both before and after launch I'm glad to see them recover.

Because of I believe two factors they have made considerable growth as the rest of the crypto market crashed.

First and foremost its a interesting subject matter for a game but the problem was one of awareness so their blockchain gaming partnership was a major boost in popularity.

After this specifically the BUDS price spiked due to a twitter competition involving splinterlands cards as a reward. It was given to the top players that burned the most BUDS during the competition.

Right now they have another contest on twitter for best improvement to game play what improvement we want to see the most.

Social media interaction from my personal experience researching WAX NFTs can make or break a NFT colection or Dapp.

This gets a little less true for Hive games as most on the blocchain know already & getting someone new to join doesn't happen as easily. Now the combination of just these two events has made BUDS almost profitable to farm.

I may be wrong but what you need to play is fairly cheap
cost for avatar 2 HIVE
cost of land plot 7 HIVE
cost of water tower level 1: 18 HIVE but t grow a plant in the south american plot you can just purchase 500 HKWATER directly from Hive Engine.
Seeds 0.003 HIVE needed for each plant, This would be the cheapest you can do this for costing less then 50 HIVE all together. Of course you can make it cost much more depending on weather you want to increase your BUDS yield.

They even accept SWAP.WAX this is a nice touch just because of this me purchasing NFTs is much more likely.

Design notes for Hash king Devs

Only Crytek is the HK Water production is easily manipulated to be unfairly proportioned, any short term solve I come to without introducing a cheaper less effective water generating asset the the lvl1 HKWATER nft producing 20 HKWATER a day. Would be to increase the market volume artificially of the water generating NFTs driving down the price buy over paying waiting then short selling.

Doing this you can in effect control a market price I did it to CBM price on certain NFTs.

Hive games have a small enough market to make this a problem given long enough durations of increasing market demand. Econ 101 this is a recipe for a
economic bubble you can think of this system as a small economy when the economic bubble bursts bad things tend to be the end result.

Hash Kings has a WAX NFT account & colection if you want my advice combine these to be more involved make something like a coupon for an NFT which can be redeemed vie Discord or Twitter. Just shy of that take a page out of Crypto Brew Masters lay book and have marijuana companies sponsor or participate in commemorative NFTs for their dispensary website or brand.

I have gone this route but I'm just a singular person on my own these companies tend not to notice you having a project your representing tends to work better. At one point I was working on Stand Up paddle boards which opened more doors then random stoner on the internet.

ERC20 assets still get approached about large cannabis projects interacting for advertisement Juicy fields just had a NFT line made using ETH instead of HIVE or WAXP which is a mistake large companies dont understand the difference.

You can get a few companies that are not interested but if your looking for some weed companies indirectly involved with the weed industry. waxliquidiser the company was shockingly easy to get ahold of I would start here.

Shared advertisement or even just good press they where more then helpful when I contacted them.

EOS atomic hub

I know WAX is an EOSIO based project as is splinterlands or hive but they are separate blockchains. What this means is its difficult to transfer assets or NFTs from one to the other if not impossible without introducing a bridge or wrapped assets.

So while the two Atomic Hubs are similar they are not the same, far from it the assets sold are not even remotely similar, different collections of NFTs all together.

Both projects are overseen by the same company but the markets are separate entirely from one another its really quite something. These peer to peer P2P NFT markets have very peculiar traits when compared to a typical crypto market.

How this began I was getting into the womplay gaming service which pays out EOS & NFTs based on EOS as rewards. Using Wombat Wallet I can get my NFTs I earned and sell them on the EOS Atomic Hub.

Given the fact I'm fairly well acquainted with the WAX Atomic Hub its NFT production and so forth the second I realized their Womplay NFTs where made on Atomic Hub I knew I struck gold as they can easily modify an existing NFT collections use case.

Not that this is what happened necessarily but womplay did integrate ownership into the womplay services payout. Instantly increasing market demand for their NFTs by paying the owners more EOS each week.

You see the reason I have been dropping my womplay referral on most of my recent posts is because once I have enough resources in my wombat wallet. Ill start airdropping EOS Atomic Hub NFTs as well I'm just making sure I have enough in that wallet to do this type of airdrop on every post first.

Its taking longer then I would have hopped but soon ill begin making NFTs on this blockchain as well. This would be the 4th blockchain on which I have made NFTs, the 1st was ETH second WAX & the third was BSC although 2 of those never sold.

Getting my private key and giving permission to is becoming a little more difficult then it first seems. This is necessary for the utilization of atomic hub for production sale and distribution of their EOS NFTs. WAX is so much simpler but ill work on it see if I can make this process simpler by utilizing a different EOS wallet. I'm currently using wombat wallet which allows you to accumulate assets fine and send them but I cant airdrop, purchase, sell, or produce NFTs on Atomic Hub without a private key for which they charge.

This being stated ill continue to mess with different wallets ledger would work but its not free so I'm going to try scatter go from there I want this to be free for everyone like WAX but I hit some snags.

However womplay still pays out EOS and this wont require private key permission to send to another wallet or exchange. If you want to try womplay please consider using my referral found below.

What I'm smoking

Today got a bit of a Bud Unboxing stopped by a dispensary & picked up a few 1/8s.


For todays write up I'm smoking the cannabis shown above, the strain is named Donkey Butter harvested 4/16/2021. Tested at a THC level of 19.90% & the strain is Indica dominant.

Love these pre sealed 1/8s lie opening a grow is the only way I can describe the smell hitting you all at once. The taste is different not like fresh pot but melon or something mild & a little sweet. Strong as hell this pots hard to smoke a whole joint of.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 6 NFTs if you received less then 6 check your whitelist settings.
Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto

WAX schedule

The 7th mission to mars launches gen 2 packs buy at launch window for the most profit site below

The 10th we have the burn blend use case starting for R2s Luna park, this colection appears to be a flop but you never know as it would cost much less then 1 WAX a piece for their NFTs maybe worth a gamble.

Street fighter launches gen 2 packs the 15th

Another land sale for clash arena starts July 7th

Keeping everyone up to date, make some money people I'm routing for you good luck.

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