Update 5 (Big Mack Superstar & Miracle Mack)

Hello growing enthusiasts! Welcome back to another one of my grow blogs! Today is week 7 and 8 of my indoor grow.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

The plants are looking well but are getting a bit large so I think I may start bending them down this weekend.

I have a friend that was growing but is now moving out of state and asked if I wanted to buy all his growing equipment. Most of his stuff I didn't need but he gave me a really great deal that I couldn't pass it up. In the mix is another LED but it is a 1000w so I will replace my last HPS in the room with his LED.

As you can see not much more happening except they are getting bigger. I do have that possible male but on the advise from the weedcash network group, I will let it go a bit more..

The leaves are getting fat and large! Great for soaking in the lights!

Bad news is my Northern Light seeds did not pop out of the jiffy pods so I will be taking clones from a couple of these beauty's! I'm hoping they do good outdoors here in mid-state.

Here is a picture of the inside of one of the BMS. The branching is a little stretched for my liking but once I lay them down they should get tighter.

Here are the plants under both lights which will be the last HPS picture! 😅

Well Hiver's, That's it for this blog and I hope you join us next week when we'll see what that new LED can do! Let me know in the comments what you think of the grow so far. Until next time, keep growing your own my friends! Peace!

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