Rising Star Diary Reading - New Version!


When in doubt, listen to the sound of your heart!


Hi guys how are you? I hope you are all ok! It took a while, but the version I wanted so much to show you finally came out! I will now explain what has been changed and any questions, criticisms or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

New Version And Changes


This version is 21.12.6 (21st of the year, 12th of the month, 6th build number), I generated it today (12/26/2021), but as I said in my talk #2, it was practically ready for a week, but with the rush that is this end of the year, I got stuck all with my projects.

So to develop and test at the same time, it might not seem like it, but it's kind of complicated, after all, I don't want to deliver an application in halves. Improvements are always welcome, but of course they need to be applied to a stable version of a program.

The changes were:

  • General:
    • Allow only one instance of the application at a time.
  • About Screen:
    • Added ESC to exit screen.
    • Added OK Button to exit screen.
    • When opening the screen, the focus will be on the OK button, facilitating its exit.
  • Diary Process Screen:
    • Improved error messages for screen functionality.
    • Added shortcut to new commands and improved icons, to make the look more beautiful and elegant.
    • Fixed bug where there were too many enters and the system added empty lines to the grid.
    • New column titled “BONUS” to add separate achievement missions.
      Ex. String: Congratulations! You completed 400 Full Band Support missions and got a reward of 800 starbits!
      Congratulations! You completed 50 County Festival Gig missions and got a reward of 150 starbits!
    • In the Starbits column, the 10k of starbits returned from the Millionaire Mission will now be added.
      Ex. String: Time to buy a pack! You earned 10000 STARBITS doing the STARBITS Millionaire mission.
    • The “EXPORT” command will open a new screen with the command / table formatting compatible with HIVE posts, so just copy and paste and you will already have the table created in your post.
    • The “SAVE” command will save the list result in a text file.
      Note: the save formatting will be separated by commas, I think it will be interesting in the future to implement if you want to save in this format or in the post table format that uses “ | ”.

RS Diary Reading Commands

  • F2 => Starts the process of reading the lines and at the end adds them to the list grouping by date.
  • F3 => Clears the text field and result list.
  • F5 (NEW) => The command to export the results list in post-compatible formatting in HIVE.


  • F7 => Close the program.
  • Ctrl + S (NEW) => The command to save the results list to a text file. I left the file name open, so whoever uses it can save it with the name that suits them best. In this example i typed “my result week”.


  • Shortcuts => Added the new commands, plus icons to make the look more elegant.


Links To Download

These 2 links are available for download. Perhaps the browser accuses it of being a virus because it is a program (.exe), but well, this is something that happens sometimes when someone tries to share something. On the links you will download the (.rar) file, then unzip and use it.

Any problem, doubt, criticism or suggestion, please feel free to leave it in the comments or look for me on social media. I promise I will reply as soon as possible!


  • I would really like to thank @ravenmus1c who gave me extraordinary feedback and helped a lot in this development. I hope that I will soon be able to talk to her more and thus see what can be put back into the application.
  • The icon used in the RS Diary Reading is a print I took from the Rising Star website, cut out and saved as (.ico).
  • The IDE I used to create the RS Diary Reading was Visual Studio 2017, I've been using it for a long time in my work and I used my free time to create the Diary Reading.
  • All prints were taken from my personal machine.

I hope from the bottom of my heart ❤️ that Rising Star Diary Reading can help many people here in the community! Let's together create ways to facilitate the quality of posts and the way we can present information!

❤️Thank you! YAMMEEE! Pizza!!❤️

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