Playing The Rising Star Game

When I first joined Hive I read that there are games that you can play to earn hive, or at least tokens that can be converted into hive, but I have never been into games. The main one that was mentioned was Splinterlands, but it didn't appeal to me. But a few weeks ago I read a post about another game called Rising Star which I decided to check out. I find it hard to write a post on Hive everyday so the prospect of playing a game to earn tokens that can be turned into Hive seemed the way to go, and the idea of Rising Star was more appealing to me than Splinterlands.

It was quite slow going at first as I was still not confident enough to invest any of my hive in it and so I was relying on earning enough Starbits to invest in cards and progress in the game. However at the end of last week I decided to take the plunge and invest some of my hive in the game and buy some cards. By that time I had 10,000 Starbits so I was able to use that to buy a pack of cards. But I realised that the biggest problem I had was that I kept running out of energy and if I was going to play properly I needed some booster cards to use so that I could top up my energy rather than waiting hours while it recharged. So I changed 30 hive into Swap.Hive, which was something I'd never done or heard of, and invested it in some cards.

Once you reach 10,000 Starbits you start to accumulate ego (I can't remember which level this comes in at), and you need to keep doing Music Lesson missions to keep your ego down or it effects the amount of Starbits you can earn when taking part in a normal mission. So I also purchased some skill cards to offset my ego meter.

Now, to be honest I'm still very much a learner so it's possible that I haven't understood something correctly. But I'm sure someone on here will put me right if I've got something wrong.

Rising Star is a great place for real-life musicians too as it is possible to upload music to their market place to sell as NFTs. It is often hard for musicians to make any money from their music, but perhaps turning their music into NFTs and selling them may be a good way to make some cash. I dabble in music creation myself, so I may look into it once I'm more established on the platform.

I'm quite enjoying playing Rising Star which is saying something for someone who generally isn't into games. Why not check it out. You can find it here (this is my affiliate link).

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