Rising Star Game: My Instruments Crafting Efforts Bore fruit (Super Unique Card RSTAR P2311)

it's a big day for me, I've been crafting instruments since 15 days but I didn't found anything worthy. today I found 1 gold monitor and 1 set of gold speakers.
Now I'm able craft a precious instrument card for music lessons.

It has 111 luck and only 2 card minted till now this would be the third one.
its used for production lesson which help to increase you skills reward per mission.

You can compare this with an epic card but it's more unique than any other epic card because only 2 other players are holding the same card.

I'll be third rising star player who will have this card.

I'll sell this card if I'll get a reasonable offer.
if you want buy, you can contact in discord or comment in this post.


Why you should buy a crafted card?

Crafted cards are unique and only reason to buy these card to stay on the top of leaders board.

RSTAR P2311 is a super unique card till now if you want something new in your card collection, RSTAR P2311 is fit for you.

craft yourself if you have much starbits to spent. you need 1000 starbits for every mission. try your luck maybe you get something precious from crafting.

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