The world is crazy – the world is lost.

You can call me a pessimist and a hysterical person, I don’t mind. Even during the tight and bloated by the corrupted media days, when they screamed from the TV screens the growing numbers of already dead and their crazy predictions about not surviving percents of our civilization, I stayed cool and calm, never stayed stuck at home, and ignored alcogel.

But happening now is really upset me more than ever. From one side – most of the country just forget the terrible 2020 – as if on command – yesterday there was a virus, where positive tests, seriously ill, massive deaths. But in one day everything has gone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that we have done this without the predicted “humanity end”. But I less happy to feel that we lost our freedom of logical and independent decision-making by ourselves.

This series is a mix of the photographs i took recently. Some of them from the streets of the cities I visited. Another part was taken in the abandoned “Girl House” – the compound of the abandoned girl’s house is an enclave of the Tel Aviv municipality, which was established in 1930 and boarded school for at-risk youth. In 2003, the boarding school closed, abandoned, and additionally heavily vandalized.

So, why I used these images of the abandoned additionally to the photographs from the streets of the AFTER Covid-19 streets? It’s my allegory to the moral death we fallen when rejoiced at our liberation that we survived this long year of the accordion method of governing the country and naive people.
Who remember today this hysterical warning of our PM somewhere in 1 April 2020 about: “If it reinfects, the virus could ‘end humanity,’ Netanyahu reportedly warned MKs” – (“the source”). The neglect, confusion and stupidity can end the humanity – not the invisible virus.

Partially taken from my personal blog post The world is crazy – the world is lost.

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