My home photography studio

This post is a continuation of my previous post, you can read it here: /@nettle1984/my-home-studio-remote-control-shooting
These are my first photos of myself where I tried to use the remote control.
I decided to create my own small studio for practice with artificial lighting since I will not have time constraints.
I will continue my experiments with myself as a model as I think this is a good experience for me as a photographer as well.

At the moment I am not narrowly specialized in any one direction in photography as I want to try everything and choose what will suit me the most or develop as a universal photographer.
In addition to photography, I also create decorations for photo shoots.
I knit rattles and toys, as well as clothes for babies. I like to tinker with my hands and create something new and exclusive.
I completely made this cradle-rocking chair myself, as well as these giant cookies.
And also this little crib is my job).
The last time I knitted about 14 years ago and now I was afraid that nothing would work for me, but it seems to me that it turned out quite well !! Now there are a lot of training videos in the public domain and it helps a lot.

Thank you all for your attention.
Link to my instagram:

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