My home studio (remote control shooting)

Hello everyone! I have not done any posts for a long time ((, I worked a lot on the creation of children's photo zones, but when I received this background I did not hold back and finally decided to try it out in work as well as the remote control.
This was the first time I photographed myself without anyone's help. At first it was not very comfortable and I am not a model, but it is a good experience to be sometimes in the role of a model.
When I was 12 years old, I dreamed (apparently like many girls at this age) that I would become a model when I grow up)). But then it became clear that with my short stature, the model would not work out of me). Therefore, now, to some extent, my childhood dream is coming true (albeit in part).
I decided to create my own small home photo studio to learn how to work with light. I hope that in the future I will be able to find a suitable premises in my small town and rent it.
For the first attempts, I chose a few simple looks, one of them is just a shawl that I used as a top and jeans, and the second is a small sheepskin coat made of white faux fur, which had been gathering dust in my closet for many years and was waiting in the wings.Photos in a fur coat will be in the next post. Hope you like these photos. And I am finishing this post. See you soon!


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