Doi Bo Luang Forest Park, Chiang Mai Thailand

Doi Bo Luang is a must visit if you are going to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. If I had to give an analogy or comparable destination, it’s like the “Yosemite Valley of Thailand”…but it doesn’t have the cliff faces like Yosemite.


There is a sense of calm and beauty as you walk the forest floor amongst the tall trees surrounding you. There are trails and even little cabins for people to stay overnight.


As you know, the temperature in Northern Thailand in the mountains is much cooler than Central or Southern Thailand. You feel as if you are in another country. The air is cool and clean. The smell of the forest permeates your senses.

This is really a hikers / photographers paradise. The weather can change which requires you to bring extra jackets or different camera equipment.

I enjoy the tall skinny trees, like tall southern pine trees in the Unites States. There can be a beautiful fog in the morning or day depending on the weather fronts. It adds Ano-their sense of you are in a very unique location.

You can bring your own tent equipment to sleep in. The land is well cared for and clean.

The cabins have enough distance between them so that you feel you have a sense of privacy and the path to get there is well paved and easy to travel.

I prefer these types of cabins as opposed to a big hotel. You feel are with nature and enjoying all that is available.

Doi Bo Luang Forest Park is really a must visit. Even it’s for a day trip as opposed to staying overnight. It’s really a place that does not feel like any other part of Thailand. I hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you.

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