#KISS - Blogging Ideas 5

Hello Everyone, especially our dedicated Minimalists,

It's Saturday!😁 Here's your #KISS "Blog Ideas for the Week."

Week 4 Before & After.jpg

This week requires some Reflecting; Before and After, of your Minimalist Journey:

Take your time to reflect. This might take you back to a bad place, or it just might bring light, and propel you in the right direction toward your minimalism and life goals.

There are some exciting options for you to share your story, and help you to structure your blog, with the confidence that you are on the right track.

All that is required of you, is to read and observe the guidelines, produce original content, your style, and you'll be as good as gold:)

To brighten and jazz things up, I have chosen this format with the hope that you'll read them and feel motivated to share, just like turning the pages of your favourite magazine:)

Don't be shy! Share a #KISS blog with us!

Check the Countdown time at the top and bottom of this post, and get your weekly entries in!
I'm always excited to read your blogs 😁

Week 4 Before & After April 23 - 30.jpg

Week 4 Before and After .jpg

Week 4 Before and After April 23 - 30.jpg

PS. In case you missed previous issues and would like to blog on any of them in the future, please feel free to click on the desired week.
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