#KISS - Blogging Ideas Week 2 "Wardrobe Choices"

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Do you have a zillion ideas in your head for topics on Minimalism, but always struggle to narrow them down to one specific post?

Yes, I thought so!

Not to worry!

For some inspiration, I have introduced this weekly publication called KISS (Keep It Simple & Smart).
Every Saturday, I will be presenting a list of topics to choose from, which I hope will give everyone a nudge in the right direction, of what to post, and help to build The Minimalist community and boost community spirit and keep it active.

Adapting to a minimalistic lifestyle has so many benefits and does wonders for our well-being, that I hope to see more interesting, encouraging, achievable, and pleasurable ideas that people streamline into their daily routines.


Week 2Post IdeasMinimalist Closet

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These are some general and broad topics on a Minimalist Wardrobe Choices, that you can be as creative as you like. Feel free to make your own post titles. However, please state in your post which of the options you have selected. Also, you can structure your post however you like, just ensure that you are following the community rules.

This could be a fun exercise, so happy blogging! Remember to use #kiss and the first tag, and add any other relevant tags of choice.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's posts:)...and if you wish to write on all topics throughout the week, please feel free to do so...I ran out of time as I wanted to write on option 3 from last week's topics...maybe I will do so another time.


PS. If you missed previous prompts and would still like to write on any of those topics in the future, here are links to them:


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