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Hello Hive Music Lovers!,

Welcome to another #threetunetuesday created originally by @ablaze.

This week I wanted to initially stay in France for some great tunes but I have been listening to the awesome Hard Fi too much and they became my #ttt post for this week.

Hard-Fi is a really underrated band with a great raw sound that I really love. One of the songs was even remixed by Axwell.

The first song is the first song that I heard first of all from them and really love. This is the song where there is also a very popular remix by Axwell which I also like but love the original more.

The second tune is now my favorite and I think it epitomises my early years when I was working and waiting for the weekend. Somehow the weekdays would drag like mad and it was very hard being bored to death at work, but come Friday, we were raring to go!

The final song is another great song from the guys which I think is very apt for younger people who want to live for the weekend, and that is having enough cash to go out and enjoy yourself.

Today, with the high inflation and rising cost of living it is also quite a relevant song.

Today's bonus song is the aforementioned remix of the first song by Axwell. I think Axwell did a great job on the remix and as someone mentioned in the comments on youtube, it is like a completely new song that he made.

Today is my 22nd post for Three Tune Tuesday and I thought it would be good to have an overview/recap of my posts up until now. My first post was on the 9th of August.

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That's it from me, have a great musical Tuesday! Until next time.

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